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Ronnie Lott says Kam Chancellor heading toward Kenny Easley's level


Had a chance to talk with former San Francisco 49er and one of the best safeties of all-time, if not the best, Ronnie Lott. Lott is a fan of Kam Chancellor.

Here's what Lott had to say about Chancellor, after calling Chancellor and Earl Thomas "the best safety tandem in the league."

"Those two will be playing a role in (the Super Bowl) because they attack people. They will have a chance to make plays or they will have a chance to not make plays. I’m hoping for their sake, they do what they’ve done all season long. Tackling well, doing just the basics. They are fun to watch."

Reminded he was a pretty good safety, Lott reluctantly agreed before talking more about Easley.

"I would tell you I look up to Kenny. When I look at Kenny and I look at myself, the only thing that separates us is Kenny didn’t get a chance to do it as long. That’s the only thing."

"If Kam can do it for 10-plus years? And which it looks like he can, he will go down as a great, great football player. He clearly has shown up not only with his striking ability, not only his ability to dissect plays, and he’s playing a very instrumental role in being able to understand the pass and the running game. People know where the corners are, they also know where these two safeties are."