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Morning Links: A look back at 2005


Super Bowl signage is everywhere here in New York. Even the baggage carousel at JFK airport was wrapped with advertising.

Everything gets started tonight when the teams arrive. We'll have updates from both press conferences this evening.

Otherwise, we start today with 2005. Our Dave Boling took a look back at that team's run to the Super Bowl. He writes that the players didn't think much of the flags during the game and have moved on since. From Boling:

To those Seahawks fans still upset over the officiating in Super Bowl XL, the message from the players on that team is that, VIII years later, it’s time to move on.

Because they have.

In fact, many were too busy to notice it was even a problem during the game, and now spend more time thinking of the ways they could have played better in the 21-10 loss to Pittsburgh that evening in Detroit.

“I was playing in the game and it didn’t even dawn on me they were throwing a lot of flags,” said Mack Strong, a Pro Bowl fullback. “I knew we had some plays called back, but we were the No. 1 offense in the league and I was sure it was going to (improve) for us at some point.”

More bothersome to Strong than the flags were the uncharacteristic dropped passes and a few defensive breakdowns “that we hadn’t had all year long.”

“We didn’t play our best game by any means,” Strong said. “If we had played the way we were capable, just done our jobs, we’d have beaten them by two touchdowns – even with all the flags.”

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