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Morning Links: Teams arrive, and Kearse in the clutch

Good morning.

The Mayhem started yesterday for both teams, which had a handful of players go almost directly from touchdown to the interview table. I wrote about the scene for the Seahawks. Our Dave Boling wrote about what it was like around the Broncos.

Our TJ Cotterill has a nice story on Jermaine Kearse. Kearse took something he heard while sitting in on a meeting with running backs coach Sherman Smith to heart. It helped him take a step forward. From Cotterill:

Smith, a running back for the Seahawks from 1976-82, talked about how his father would drive him to a high-end neighborhood.

He told his son: “Don’t believe the lie — the lie that you can’t be here one day.”

“I didn’t really know what Sherm was trying to say,” Kearse said. “Then he said, ‘Don’t believe the lie, wherever you are. You could be undrafted, whatever, don’t believe that will hold you (back) from being at the top.’

“Ever since I heard that, I don’t know. It’s been different.”

We're back at it early this afternoon. Pete Carroll and six more players -- Kam Chancellor, Michael Robinson, Michael Bennett, Zach Miller, Russell Okung and Golden Tate -- will do the talking today.

We'll also have several others contributing to the blog this week. Be gentle.


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