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Carroll: Harvin in 'Phase Super Bowl'

Some quick hits from Pete Carroll:

> The Seahawks practiced inside today.

> Asked what Russell Wilson's success may mean for guys like Johnny Manziel, Carroll says, "I think Russell has turned some heads. It's kind of silly to have it happen that way. You should get the right guys out there and let them play."

> Carroll says quarterbacks coach Carl Smith has a gift of "finding the strength in people and amplify them and bring them to the front." Carroll says he has had tremendous respect for Smith.

> Carroll says they received phone calls in the draft room after selecting Wilson and people were telling him they were going to take Wilson with the next pick. Carroll says John Schneider sweated through the second round, trying to wait longer to take Wilson. Carroll says there was "tremendous tension" right up to the moment they selected Wilson.

> Carroll on Macklemore's Grammy success: "Really cool thing for our area." We're already into Media Day questions on Media Day eve.

> In general, Carroll says the halftime adjustments this year were them declaring what's effective in the gameplan and getting back to it. "The commitment is what got us back on track," Carroll said.

> Carroll says Percy Harvin is in "Phase Super Bowl," practiced today and is ready to go.

> Carroll says the Broncos' efficiency and precision with getting the ball out is what makes it so difficult to get to Peyton Manning.

> Carroll says when he recruited Derrick Coleman at USC, they wanted Coleman to play fullback at the time and he didn't want to be a fullback.