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Knighton: 'You’re going to have respect because we’re on the same path'

Pot Roast, as Terrance Knighton is known, will be a big challenge for the Seahawks coming from his defensive tackle spot. Here's some of what he has to say today:

(on how you game plan for an elusive quarterback like Russell Wilson) “You’ve just got to watch a lot of film. Quarterbacks have tendencies. His tendency is that he is a right-handed quarterback; he wants to get out to his right and throw. He’s more successful that way. So we’ve got to do a good job of keeping him in the pocket and force him out of his comfort zone. When he’s moving left he’ll tend to run it more and when he’s moving right he wants to pass it more. We just have to do a good job of containing him. He’ll get out and he’ll make his plays during the game, but we’ll just have to limit them.”

(on if there is a lot of respect between the two teams because they played each other in the preseason) “Yeah, you’re going to have respect because we’re on the same path, we’re fighting for the same thing and we’re down to two teams. But you have respect for anyone in the league, but all of that goes out the window during that kickoff. For right now, we’ll respect them, but it’s all about business on the field.”

(on what he said to the team in the locker room following the regular-season loss to San Diego) “We talked about our year and just peaking at the right time on defense. We just didn’t want that to snowball. We knew our goal was to be in the Super Bowl and win it. It was just that time. [It was] Week 15 and we still weren’t playing our best ball on defense and we had to get it rolling sometime. I just got the group together and told the guys that any feelings you have or anything you want to air out about how you’re feeling about the defense, the time is now, because we’ve got to get this thing rolling.”

(on what the loss to San Diego did for the team) “I think it humbled us. It showed us what playoff football was going to be like. San Diego was fighting for its season the last five weeks and they were playing playoff football since November. So we had to get into that mode a lot earlier than we thought we did.”

(on how many players were in his locker room huddle after the loss to San Diego) “The whole defense. Guys said what they had to say and we put that behind us. Basically like a fresh start for us and to go out the next week and play with a lot of energy, and we did that, and it continued.”

(on if the defensive performance against the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game was the team’s best performance of the year) “Yeah, I think so. Like I said, it was just about peaking at the right time. Our offense has been rolling all season and we just want to play complimentary football. We want to do our part, get three-and-outs and get off the field. That’s what it’s about in the playoffs, teams that can stop the run and allowing our offense to get on the field a lot and control the clock.

(on how he was able to become a defensive leader despite his short tenure with the team) “Well I think that’s naturally going to happen when you’re in the middle of the defense and you’re the anchor of the defense. When Kevin Vickerson went down, the onus was on me to take control of the group. I feel like I’m a natural leader; I think wherever I am, people just gravitate towards me and with that it requires a responsibility to help other guys and bring them along.”

(on if he became a leader the same way at Windsor High School (Conn.) “Yeah and at Temple also, and then Jacksonville. I never asked for a leadership role, it just happened that way.”

(on Commissioner Goodell’s statement to USA TODAY about the potential exploration of medicinal marijuana in the NFL) “Well that’s new to me. I wasn’t aware of that. I don’t really get caught up in the whole marijuana thing. I know right now they are trying to do whatever they can to help players post-career and they’re looking into everything. But it’s illegal right now and it’s something against the rules, so I stay away from that.”

(on if he saw former Broncos player Nate Jackson’s comments on marijuana use in the NFL) “No, marijuana is a topic that doesn’t catch my attention.”

(on if he would agree with Jackson’s statement that between 50 to 60 percent of players in the NFL use marijuana) “I don’t think so. I think that’s way too high. That’s way too high. I don’t know. I really can’t speak on that because it doesn’t involve my personal life, so I can’t speak for other guys.”

(on if he thinks marijuana use could benefit players in the NFL from a pain-management standpoint and if he would like to see it explored as a possible pain remedy) “I think with something like that, it may be helpful, but it is also something that can be abused. So I think that’s why it’s banned and that’s why it’s on the list, because it can be abused and it can backfire. It’s a touchy subject, but whatever is best, they’ll figure it out. Until then, I’m going to follow the rules.”

(on his thoughts about Wilson) “Each week he’s getting better and better. He’s one of those guys who doesn’t turn the ball over. He extends plays, he’s a smart player and he can beat you with his feet and with his arm. We have to keep him in the pocket. With them it’s difficult because they have so many weapons with Marshawn [Lynch], and with Percy [Harvin] playing, he can get back there and play Wildcat, so they have guys that can throw all over the field. We’ll just have to keep the game plan simple and just keep [Wilson] in front of us and have our DBs covering for 10 seconds.”

(on Wilson’s level of maturity) “You can see by his style in college and last year with him winning the playoff game. The good thing about him was he came into a situation where he didn’t have to do too much and he was mature enough to come in and just do what he was supposed to do. With a year under his belt, he took on the responsibility and the leadership of being a quarterback and he’s taken this team to the next level.”

(on if his relatives stopped talking to him after the Broncos beat his hometown team, the New England Patriots, in the AFC Championship Game) “The only thing they were saying was, ‘Just don’t hurt [Tom] Brady.’ That’s all they kept saying to me. So that happened that we won and I’m in the Super Bowl. They were just worried about Tom Brady’s longevity.”