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Video and quotes: Michael Robinson

Here's some of what Michael Robinson had to say:

(on how special it is to be playing in the Super Bowl after falling severely ill earlier this season) “Definitely special. It was Indocin, the prescription drug Indocin, and I used it as it was prescribed from the team. I was dehydrated and probably getting a bug or a little sick anyways. After the second preseason game against Denver, I just felt like I was getting the flu. I had mentioned to the doctors, ‘Look man, I think I’m going to come in next week and get some fluids,’ and stuff like that, and it just went all downhill from there – kidney failure, liver failure, all of it.”

(on why Indocin was prescribed to him) “Because of injuries. It’s an anti-inflammatory.”

(on if he thinks marijuana should be explored for treating NFL players) “I think anything that can make our job a little easier without sacrificing our health at the same time is good for the league, it’s good for players. I’m all for alternative forms of recovery and all those types of things – hyperbaric chambers, o-zoning, whatever it may be. So, I’m all for it. Whatever can help the player, I’m for.”

(on if he wondered if he was going to fully recover from his illness) “Yeah, I wondered. I went to the hospital three separate times. Two times they sent me home and just told me to keep getting fluids. I went two weeks without eating, so I lost a lot of weight.”

(on if it took a long time for the doctors to figure out what was wrong with him) “Yes, they hadn’t seen anything like this. Then, once we brought the liver specialist in and the kidney specialist in, they’ve seen these types of reactions before and they were all over it.”

(on what it is about Head Coach Pete Carroll that he gets so much out of his players) “I think it’s just the fact that we have fun. It’s fun. With the facts of salary caps and things like that, you understand that everybody can’t get paid, everybody can’t get the big mega deals that they want, so I think the Seahawks, Pete (Carroll) and (General Manager) John (Schneider) understand that there has to be more there to attract the player. It’s almost like recruiting again. When players come and visit the Seattle Seahawks, they see how much fun we have and how much we just enjoy competing and enjoy our work. You can see the philosophy in all facets all over the building. You don’t mind taking a little less to come here so you can be a part of something special.”

(on if was difficult for him to come back after he got cut from the Seahawks earlier in the year) “I wrestle with it, but it was easy when I looked at my relationship with the guys on the team. That’s why you play this game, and I feel like a big reason why we’re here is that every man in that locker room thinks the same way. We all play because of the guy next to you. You all perform because the guy next to you is counting on you. Peer accountability, the biggest thing is accountability, so that’s what we try to do.”

(on where all the emotion came from when he cried after winning the NFC Championship game) “Tears coming down. I’ve gotten a lot of questions about me crying and all that type of stuff, but it was just I had a long year being cut, being sick, not really realizing the extent of the sickness. I didn’t know that my kidneys were failing and my liver was failing. I had no idea. I just thought I was getting a bug. But again, hindsight is 20/20 and I’m glad I’m here now. I’ve got my weight back, got my strength back, and it was an opportunity to come back here and I’m glad it opened up.”

(on if they have been doing anything during practice to simulate bad weather for Sunday’s game) “You go out there and play. If you’re in this level and you’ve played eight, nine years like I have, I’m sure that you’ve played in a game that’s going to be this cold. You just kind of draw back on that experience but prepare the same way. You can’t predict the weather on gameday. You can’t predict any of that, so you just prepare and deal with the weather as it comes.”

(on what he’s learned about building a team since playing with Seattle) “I’ll tell you one thing, if your quarterback isn’t right, you can’t have a good football team. There’s no flight to any other quarterbacks that I’ve had in the past, but it just felt like it didn’t get right until Russell (Wilson) got here. We saw his work ethic. We saw how he handled himself in the locker room. We saw how he handled himself in the media, and it just didn’t seem right until we got our franchise quarterback. He’s special.”

(on what separates Wilson from other mobile quarterbacks in the NFL) “His accuracy and the way he delivers the ball on the run. He’s a scrambler. I don’t consider him a runner, I consider him a scrambler. He’s always looking to throw the ball down the field. You look at some of these other quarterbacks, maybe they go off their first read, then they’re looking to run, not scramble. We have two parts to a play – you have the play when he just drops back and everything’s on time, and you also have the second part of the play when the play breaks down and he starts to scramble. I think that’s when he’s most dangerous.”

(on the Denver offense receiving more media attention than their own) “We expected it. (Denver Broncos QB) Peyton (Manning) is older and I was watching him when I was young. He deserves everything (including) first ballot Hall of Fame. I can’t say enough great things about him. Just watching his press conference yesterday, how he handled himself, his demeanor, just how he takes charge, you’ve got to respect that. You’ve got to love the matchup.”

(on if they sense the angst of Seattle to win a championship) “Up there in the Pacific Northwest in Seattle, they’re just excited about football and excited about their sports teams anyways. You can’t tell whether they’re just hungry for a championship or just excited to see their team play. They’re the closest to a college atmosphere I’ve ever seen in the National Football League and it’s great playing for them. Our ‘twelves’ are everywhere and hopefully they’ll show up this Sunday.”

(on saluting the U.S. Armed Forces) “I just want to say thank you to all the troops out there in Afghanistan. Keep protecting us. I hope you stay safe. We’re riding with you. Watch the Super Bowl. Go Hawks.”

(on getting back on the practice field) “It was fun. Just running around and catching the ball and doing your drills, having individual work and going to punt team. Just doing all your everyday things, which is great to be back on the field doing.”

(on what it’s like to work with FB Derrick Coleman) “I love ‘D.C.’ (Coleman) I tell him all the time. I have the utmost respect for what he does and how he plays this game. I couldn’t imagine being impaired in some way, whether it’s hearing or sight or whatever and he does a great job. I love ‘D.C.’ It’s been awesome working with him and he is the future of the fullback position here. He understands that I know that so I just try to give him as much knowledge and help him out as much as possible.”

(on if he is worried about younger players getting caught up in Super Bowl hype) “Yeah, there is some concern about that, but at the same time we have great leadership on this team. Pete’s (Carroll) always drilling us all the time about leaving out the noise. Enjoy the process but leave out the noise and get ready to play the best football game you’ve played all season.”