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Video and quotes: Michael Bennett

Here's some of what Michael Bennett had to say:

(on how he feels he fits with Seattle) “It’s a good fit for me, getting to play with these guys, especially the guys around me. There’s so many great players – Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, just a lot of good players on the team.”

(on pressuring Denver quarterback Peyton Manning) “Every game, you have to affect the quarterback. This is the Super Bowl, but you still have to affect Peyton Manning. He’s one of the best quarterbacks in the league. He’s the least-sacked quarterback, so it’s a big game for the d-line to go out there and get to him, whether it’s not sacking him, (but) hitting him or making him early to throw the ball, it’s our job to get to him. They have a very good offensive line; they have a couple Pro Bowlers and All-Pros.”

(on the Seattle defensive intimidating opposing teams) “I don’t think we’re intimidating, because those guys (opponents) are getting paid, too. We just have a really good defense that plays on one accord. We all play for each other and that’s why we look so intimidating, I guess. We just all play for each other.”

(on whether he thinks about how his play has earned a large contract) “I don’t think about the money because it’s not in my account (laughing). You do want long-term deals, but I don’t think about it as much as some people think I think about it. I think about winning the game. I’m taking it one game at a time, taking care of this moment and playing for this team.”

(on whether he would like to stay in Seattle) “I would love to stay in Seattle. I love everything about the players, the coaches and the fans.”

(on advice given to him by his brother, Chicago Bears TE Martellus Bennett) “My brother, he’s a good guy. He supports me and just tells me to keep my head up and not get too focused on the media and the fans and just go out there and play a great game.”

(on if he feels any Denver players are not receiving enough media attention) “The whole offensive line, I don’t think they get that much attention. But, obviously, they have a great offensive line for Peyton Manning not to get hit that much. I’ve been playing against (Denver guard) Louis Vasquez and (Denver center) Manny Ramirez since I was at Texas A&M and they’ve been good since I played against them (at that time).”

(on his mindset when he returned to Seattle for the 2013 season) “I just wanted to do the same thing I’ve always done. I wanted to improve each year and just get a chance to play on a really good team and be seen. Playing in Tampa, you’re not really on TV a lot, but, in Seattle, you’re on TV so much that people see you make those plays. (They are the) same plays that you made on the other team, but people see you make them.”

(on proving himself in Seattle) “I just went out there and worked hard. My teammates, they trusted me once I showed them my work ethic and (they) saw the way that I approached the game. They loved me just like I was one of them, and after that we just started clicking.”

(on Denver QB Peyton Manning) “Peyton Manning, he’s one of the best quarterbacks. I’m lucky to be in my generation, watching him play. There’s no better quarterback in this generation. The completions he’s made, the touchdowns he’s thrown – I’m a fan of him just like anybody else in the NFL and he’s one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.”

(on missing Seattle CB Brandon Browner following Browner’s suspension) “It’s sad, because BB is such a big part of our team. He put a lot of work in. He ran the gassers with us, he lifted weights with us, he did everything with us. He just made one mistake, so it’s sad not to see him play. I know it hurts him not to be out here, but we definitely play for him when we’re out there playing.”

(on feeling he has to prove himself playing on a one-year contract)  “Every year is ‘prove-it’ contract in the NFL, because, unlike the NBA, our contracts aren’t guaranteed, so every year you have to prove yourself or you’ll be replaced. Every year you go out there with the same goal, to go out there and prove (yourself). That’s all you can do every year.”

(on looking at Denver’s most recent loss any differently for game preparation) “No, you just go out there and try to see what their weaknesses are. They lost three games, just like we did. They’re a good team; they don’t have that many weaknesses.”

(on coming to Seattle after Tampa Bay did not offer a contract) “It was frustrating, because as a player you go out there and put everything on the line for the organization, and when it’s time to get your just due and you don’t get it, you feel a certain type of way. But, at the same time, you have to put everything in God’s hands and God had a plan for me and the plan worked out good.”

(on facing Denver’s No. 1 offense under QB Peyton Manning) “He had a great season, but we played against a lot of great offenses every week. Those numbers, they change every week. When we played against the Saints, they were No. 1 (in total offense), when we played against the 49ers, they were good. It’s all the same. Those numbers are only for the fans and the announcers, the analysts.”

(on both Seattle and Texas A&M using the 12th Man designation for their fan bases) “I don’t know, I can’t really get into that, because everyone in Texas asks me the same exact thing. They’re both the 12th Man to me.”

(on finding success in the game) “You just got to beat your man faster. That’s as simple as it gets. Everybody wants to make football more than what it really is. It’s just getting your guy, tackling and running the ball better than the other team.”

(on Seattle SS Kam Chancellor) “Kam, he’s been the best player on our defense the whole season, I think. He’s one of the best players in the NFL. I’m surprised he’s not up for Defensive Player of the Year. I mean, the way he tackles – he’s just amazing. He hits better than some linebackers. Some of the linebackers in the NFL are supposed to be the most ferocious hitters, but I think Kam is by far the most ferocious hitter in the NFL.”

(on what gives the Seattle defense an edge) “I think we do it a little different than other teams. We rotate a lot of guys and I think that’s what makes us good. At this moment right now, our guys are fresh. At some teams, guys are beat up at this point. We’ve done a great job at rotating guys.”

(on the idea of playing against Manning in the Super Bowl) “I love that idea. I love it because it’s the next game and this is a good quarterback and that’s a great team. I think so many people are putting it on Peyton Manning, that it’s Peyton Manning versus the (Seattle) defense, but they (Denver) have a great defense, they have a great offensive line, they have great receivers, so it’s going to be just an all-around good game.”

(on what it would mean to sack Manning) “It would mean everything to get to him, because that’s one of the keys to the game, getting to the quarterback and making sure that we do something to beat the offensive line to make sure that our secondary isn’t left out there to dry.”

(on whether he has anything special planned for the week) “Not much. We’re just here to win the game. I can come to New York any time I want, so I just came out here to get prepared for the Super Bowl.”