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Video and quotes: Russell Okung

Here's some of what Russell Okung had to say:

(on his charitable work with young students)

(on enjoying the moment while still preparing for the Super Bowl) "We want to enjoy the moment but you never forget why you're here and we're here to play the biggest game in football. That's what we're here for. We stay true to who we are and while we're here, all those distractions won't get in our way."

(on establishing a running game early) "Well, it's our identity. The run game is part of who we are. If there's a wall in front of us, we're going to run into it. As much as it is who we are, we want to establish it and keep pushing it and do it as early as possible."

(on the mutual respect between the two teams) "Well, we're professionals. It's great to see them. They're a great challenge and a very good team and we're looking forward to the matchup."

(on QB Russell Wilson as a leader) "I think he's a living testament that every play gets out there. Whether we're up, whether we're down, he's going to bring his best game forward and I don't think a story would do a lot of justice in saying what type of player and what type of man he is."

(on Wilson’s heart) “You see his heart and you see how he is committed to it. You see the way he speaks and the way he carries himself and how he’s always one of the first guys there and the last guys to leave on his first day, first day. He’s there all the time and he’s committed to who he is and those type of guys stick around. Those are the type of guys that last.”

(on the importance of center Max Unger and a possible beard competition) “We had one going on but I just started shaving mine. Max Unger, he’s our glue, man. He keeps everything together and as our center, we follow him. Wherever he says to go, we go. He’s really one of the best players, if not the best player, I’ve ever been around.”

(on the defensive backs and their Legion of Boom nickname) “They’re the most dominant force in the NFL, whether you’re talking about Byron Maxwell, Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, all those guys that are out there – I left somebody out – Kam Chancellor. They’re one of the most dominant forces on the field and that’s who they are.”

(on if the offensive line is designed to suit QB Russell Wilson’s style) “We have a great offensive line coach in Tom Cable and we’re very lucky to have him, but we’re designed to play football and it’s our intention to be one of the best, if not the best, force in the league. When we go out there, we put our best foot forward. We want to run the ball and we want to protect our quarterback.”

(on why Wilson has a special ability to make plays with legs) “He’s just a winner, man. He’s always looking for the great play. He never ceases to amaze me. I can’t speak on the other runners that take off, but I can speak on what he does and you see him make plays all the time with his feet and avoid just getting out of the pocket when things break down and throwing down the field.”

(on conserving energy during the week for the Super Bowl) “You don’t have to. We’re going to rise to the occasion. We’re always who we are, every day. We’ll see that this Sunday as well.”

(on recovering from injury) “We have a really supportive group so every day the guys are trying to keep your mind in it and keep your head in it. The biggest challenge is coming back in and getting the body back into it – just adjusting that way. Mentally, we’re always there.”

(on FB Michael Robinson) “He’s our fullback. He’s our offensive lineman in the backfield and to have Mike Rob back with us for the end of the year, really helping us with our running game – couldn’t ask for a better fullback than him."

(on RB Marshawn Lynch) “There’s no more tenacious runner nor a guy that runs with as much authority as Marshawn does. When we feed off of him, when he’s in there fighting for yards, we’re jumping in there and we’re fighting for him. He bleeds for every inch, every blade of grass, and we’re there with him.”

(on advice he has received from former Seattle OL Walter Jones) “One of the greatest things he told me is he told me sacks are overrated. Another thing he told me was make it about you, never make it about who is playing opposite in front of you, but all it is is our guys.”

(on the relationship between Lynch and the offensive linemen) “I have to say he’s one of the best teammates you could ever have. He looks out for us, he takes care of us and in return, we take care of him as well. He’s a real friend, a real teammate.”

(on Seattle fans) “I say we hands down have the best fans in the league. It gets no better than our fans and they’ve been very supportive over the years and I’m just glad we can get back to the Super Bowl.”

(on if Seattle is built to play in the elements) “It’s not so much about being built for the elements, but not allowing the elements to affect who you are and your game. I think we do a great job of keeping those things in perspective. At the end of the day, it’s 100 yards and 53 yards wide and it’s four downs – it’s football.”

(on if the offense can keep pace in a high-scoring game) “I’d say we’re pretty explosive. We have great receivers on the outside, whether you’re talking Doug Baldwin, Percy Harvin, Golden Tate, Jermaine Kearse. All those guys are very capable of making plays and we’ll see how it goes.”