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Video and quotes: Kam Chancellor

Here's some of what Kam Chancellor had to say:

(on what the legion of boom means to you) “That’s a brotherhood. The fans came up with the name legion of boom and it just shows how tight of a unit we are, how close we are and how connected we are. We have each other’s backs and we hold each other to our standard, you know. When you’re out there you know that our brothers are playing 110% so you have to give 100%.”

(on when he heard the name legion of boom for the first time) “The legion of boom? It was right after I did an interview. It was on Twitter. Fans were coming up with names and there were a bunch of names. We saw Legion of Boom and it was catchy, so we ran with it.”

(on the weather) “Weather isn’t an issue. You just put that to the side and focus on football.”

(on the fact that Denver’s defense is built on their secondary) “The secondary, we always get our talk here and there about how we’re a good unit and you have to live up to the expectations and go out there and play hard, but our defensive line, they’re savages. I can say that hands down. They’re savages. Every time I watch film, I watch our d-line, I watch the guys up front, and see how their motors are going. Our d-line has a motor, a crazy motor, and they just go until the guy is done, until the whistle stops.”

(on what people misunderstand about Seahawks CB Richard Sherman) “They misunderstand his passion. His passion is for the game. He made a great play at the end of the game and he had a microphone in his face. Anything could come out right then. When it’s a guy who is putting so much in the game and had the ball thrown to him on the line and makes a big play in the game and has passion for the game, that’s where he’s misunderstood.”

(on his intimidation to opposing receivers) “I always tell guys on my team, in hitting, it’s a want to. You can’t just go out there and lollygag around, thinking you’re going to make the tackle. You have to want to. You have to know you’re going to deliver for us and make an impact and you’ll be a force in the game.”

(on how you know when you’ve gotten into a receivers’ head) “It’s a certain look. It’s a certain look they give me and I just smile back. Their eyes become big.”

(on guys who embrace his level of play and want to challenge him) “Anytime you look on the field and see a guy who is good on the opposite side of the ball, you want to go and play against that guy and do your best. You want to (compete) against him and if you want to be the best, you have to bring out your best to beat the best.”

(on going up against Broncos QB Peyton Manning and the Broncos offense) “They have a great quarterback. Their offense, they have a lot of talent out there. They make big plays. They have a lot going on. It’s a complex offense. When you really look into it, it’s an offense that can be stopped, but you have to be disciplined with the ball and have them play your ball.”

(on if it is hard to be an intimidator in football today within the rules) “Not at all. Like I said, it’s a want to. You just have to adjust. I always tell the guys you just have to adjust. The rules are the rules. The rules are made and you just have to adjust your game and still have the same impact.”

(on what this has been like for him) “It’s been fun. You know, everything about this whole experience has been fun. It’s a dream come true. That’s all the hard work and dedication all my life and I said, ‘One day I want to play in the Super Bowl’ and now I have the chance to do it. It feels good.”

(on how he got into New Orleans TE Jimmy Graham’s head and how they can translate that to this game) “It’s nothing special we do. It’s just playing ball. At the end of the day, football is just running and hitting. I think our defense is doing a good job collectively as a unit. Whoever is on the field, it doesn’t matter who is on the field goes down there and checks a guy whoever had a check, you just go down there and play and deliver a big hit. Everybody does a good job in this defense.”

(on if all of the secondary brings different strengths to the unit) “We all bring something unique to the team, from a physical standpoint, but from a mental standpoint, I think we’re all pretty much the same. We all have the drive, we all have the passion. We all overcame something to get where we are and we’re never satisfied. Never. We all want to get better and we always want to find the next edge and we all want to keep moving forward.”

(on what each defensive back brings to the table) “I would say a guy like Earl Thomas, that’s a guy that his speed affects the game, his smartness compliments it, his instinct, his speed and his cleverness is just crazy. He studies a lot of balls, so he has the ability to do that. (Richard) Sherman is a shutdown corner. I will say that right now. He is a shutdown corner. He’s a long corner who is going to get down there and put his hands on you, he’s going to step with you and you have to compete with him when the ball is in the air. (Byron) Maxwell, he’s the same thing. He’s a long corner as well. He’s definitely great at competing out there. He’s a guy who didn’t start off at the start, but when he got in and took a minute in that role, he ran with it. The guy is meant for it.”

(on the fact that the Seahawks don’t have any members who have played in a Super Bowl and if that hinders them) “I don’t think that at all. It doesn’t. An age thing or a young thing doesn’t factor into it. At the end of the day, it’s football. It’s running and tackling is what we say to our guys.”

(on the Giants facility) “It’s a bit different than ours, but we have to make do with it right now.”

(on when he had to realize he had to change from ex-safety Paul Moyer’s old school mentality to be successful and be intimidating) “I don’t think I changed. I don’t think I understand what you mean by that one. I don’t think I changed from that first year to now. I think I still am that same player. Paul Moyer, he’s a great mentor and a great person. He’s taught me a lot on the field and off the field. Just to see a guy like that play with so much passion, I think he was in his fifteenth year I want to say, it was just a remarkable thing. It shows his passion and that he was all about football the whole time.”

(on Seahawks CB Richard Sherman saying that Chancellor was the boom of the legion of boom) “Yeah, they give me the boom and give me the forceful title and I love it.”

(on whether that was something that came naturally to him or something he worked on) “I did actually sit down one day and told myself our defense should step it up another notch and be an enforcing defense every day.”

(on if Seahawks coach Pete Carroll told them what kind of mindset they need to have this week) “You know, you just have to eliminate the distractions. There are a lot of things that just comes with this whole week. You just have to eliminate distractions, that’s the biggest thing. Tune into football and what we have to do, our mission.”

(on what it meant to him to be resigned last year) “It was motivation. It was motivation to do more. It was a testament to them to show that hard work pays off. I’ve been a guy here just grinding the whole time and doing everything they ask and they took care of me.”

(on whether he looks at this game as an opportunity to put himself out there more) “Not at all. I am looking forward to the whole team and getting the opportunity to be on this level and taking advantage of it.”

(on if they win the game whether one of the defensive backs will get MVP) “I feel like anybody on our team can. We have a whole team full of athletes who want it really bad. If they go out there and trust the preparation and play their ball, anybody can make it on our team."