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Morning Links: Safeties first

Good morning.

Well, Media Day is upon us. As Dave posted a little while ago, there are questions about how Marshawn Lynch will handle it. Let's worry about that later.

In the interim, I'd point you to Dave's story from today's paper on Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas. Boling says they are the best safety tandem in the league and could end up changing the game. From Boling:

Given their combined 22 interceptions and five Pro Bowl honors in just four seasons together, few would debate Lott’s assertion of their positional primacy at the moment.

A more relevant question is how long, if they sustain this pace, before the Seahawks tandem is the best ever?

They’re certainly off to a quick start, as Thomas is 24 and Chancellor 25. But the precocious pair had this in their sights from the first day.

“Yeah, we always have talked about changing Seattle,” Thomas said. “We came in as competitors, young and probably dumb, but at the same time, we understood that we could make a change and it’s definitely panned out for us.”

> I wrote about Michael Robinson making it all the way to the Super Bowl despite believing his career was over after he was cut.

> Our John McGrath talked with Brad Mayne, who is CEO and President of MetLife Stadium, but also oversaw Cheney Stadium and the Tacoma Dome in the past.

> Don Ruiz writes about Champ Bailey making it to his first Super Bowl.

> Ruiz also writes about the Broncos' secondary as a whole not wanting to take a backseat to the Legion of Boom.

As far as Media Day: The Seahawks start their hour-long event at 9:45 a.m. Pacific. Seventeen players will be at podiums:

1.  Earl Thomas                                        10.  Brandon Mebane

2.  Russell Wilson                                     11.  Bobby Wagner

3.  Pete Carroll                                          12.  Russell Okung

4.  Richard Sherman                                13.  Zach Miller

5.  Kam Chancellor                                  14.  Doug Baldwin

6.  Max Unger                                           15.  Golden Tate

7.  Michael Bennett                                  16.  Michael Robinson

8.  Cliff Avril                                               17.  Percy Harvin

9.  Red Bryant

ESPN, Fox Sports and the NFL Network will all have stages set up at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J.


> Lynch talked to the NFL Network's Mike Silver.

> Ten thoughts from Richard Sherman leading up to the Super Bowl.

> The Super Bowl is a happy homecoming for Broncos' RB Knowshon Moreno.

> Six great moments in Media Day history.

> 710 writes about the Super Bowl spotlight shining on Richard Sherman.

> Here's Matt Hasselbeck talking on 710 yesterday:

[HTML1]> ESPN writes about Lynch vs. the Broncos' defense.

> ESPN reports Lynch has struck a deal with Skittles. Only a matter of a time.

> The Everett Herald writes that Chancellor could be Sunday's proverbial X-factor.

> Michael Bennett was amusing during his availability Monday. He could be a Media Day star today.

> Wes Welker with a shot at a ring after leaving New England.

> The possible use of medicinal marijuana in the NFL was repeatedly asked about Monday.

> Pete Carroll was voted the most popular coach in the league in an ESPN survey.

> ESPN writes the Derrick Coleman story we're familiar with.

> USA Today writes about Warren Moon mentoring Russell Wilson.

> More on the dwindling demand for Super Bowl tickets. The reason given here is that the teams "are not sexy."

> Demaryius Thomas' biggest fan will be cheering from prison.

> The Denver Post writes that Seahawks fans are expected to outnumber Broncos fans at the game.

> You can find all of the Post's coverage here.