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Denver kicker says his max range could be 70 yards

As I wrote earlier this month, I was in Tulane Stadium back in 1970 when Tom Dempsey kicked his 63-yard field goal that stood as the NFL record ... until this season when Denver's Matt Prater kicked one from 64.

I asked Prater about that today at Super Bowl Media Day.

"It was definitely a goal for me," he said. "Just being in Denver with the altitude, I knew I could do it. I always knew I had a good leg, it’s just getting the opportunity at the right time in a game. And we were fortunate that we had it against Tennessee where I got to attempt it. It was just an awesome experience. Dempsey held the record I think for 43 years, so hopefully if we get another chance at it again soon, I’d love to break it again."

That brought the obvious follow-up of how long a field goal he might be able to kick.

"It depends on the day," he said. "In Denver, early in the year, I can get up in the low 70s. I’ve kicked a 70 in Florida in the summer. But like I said, it depends on the day. It’s just like anything else: One day a guy can throw a 100 mph fastball, the next day he throws 95. It’s one of those things."