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Carroll: 'I think what makes us special is that we are a very, very tight group'

Here's some of what Pete Carroll said at Media Day:

(on whether it’s Seattle’s time similar to artist Macklemore’s time) “We’ll find out. We’re hoping to ride this momentum coming in. What Mack did this year was incredible and then finished up with a big night at the Grammy’s, so that was exciting to watch that. We’re all hoping to pull together, that’s kind of the Seattle feel.”

(on if he’s feeling fatigued) “No, no, no. I’m feeling fine. I’ve got an hour to sit here, so I’m not going to let it all out in the beginning here.”

(on the defensive line getting ahold of Broncos QB Peyton Manning to be successful) “It’s important. Nobody has been able to do it. We’re going to do everything we can to get some pressure on him and it all works together. It isn’t just about one side of the backend, it’s everybody working together in coordination. Hopefully we’ll heat it up pretty good against him.”

(on what he’s said to the team to keep them focused) “Just to try to stay the same. We’ve had a very strong couple of years here and have played with a really good mindset and I don’t want that to change. We’re really trying to do the things that we always do and just stay with that and stay true to ourselves. If we do that, we’ll be ok.”

(on how they’re going to contain Denver) “Well, we’re going to try and slow them down. They’re very, very volatile. They have so many different ways to go that you can’t zero in on them. We know that Peyton (Manning) is obviously a kingpin, but there is so much happening in this offense with great players. We’re just going to have to spread our guys out and do the best we can. We have to cover, we have to rush them, we have to do everything we can possibly come up with.”

(on his Twitter activity) “The Twitter thing we’ve been doing for a long time. When it first kind of came out, we related to it. It’s always been a great way to communicate and allow ourselves to stay in contact. It’s worked out well and become somewhat of a big thing.”

(on what FB Derrick Coleman brings to the team) “Derrick (Coleman) is an extraordinary kid and regardless of what his issues are, he’s an extraordinary person. He has demonstrated to others that have that kind of issue, how far you can take it and what you can do and how there are no boundaries. He’s done a marvelous job of that. Meanwhile, being a great kid and a great football player, too.”

(on how inspiring FB Derrick Coleman’s story is) “He has been very much so. He’s been captured too, in his marketing issues lately that have shown what he’s all about. He’s helping a lot of people by what he’s accomplished this week with his message.”

(on what Seahawks QB Russell Wilson brings to the table) “He’s an incredible competitor in every way. In preparation, in game day, he’s the epitome of what you want in your competitor. He’s got tremendous work habits. He’s got extraordinary athleticism. He’s got a general all-around savvy that allows him to make great decisions under pressure. He’s extremely confident too, so no matter what is going on, he’s not going to waver in his focus and ability to handle things. He’s just been a blast to coach and been a great team member.”

(on ensuring that CB Richard Sherman’s comments after the NFC Championship game didn’t divide the team) “Well, there’s no way it could divide the team. Richard is just being Richard and we all know him and love him. He’s a valuable team member. He’s a leader on our football team. He’s got a great message about the way he competes and carries himself. The fact that he was seen in the competitive moment and all of that just demonstrates some of the makeup it takes to be a great player and a great performer. You were also able to see the other end of what Richard is all about with the follow-up. He’s an incredible kid and he’s only helped our team.”

(on if he’s had a chance to think about the full circle moment of coming back to where he started) “You know, I think I do a pretty good job of not doing that. I don’t really care about trying to figure out where we are right now, just keep moving forward. Someday we’ll look back and that’s when you can kind of make an assessment of what’s happening.”

(on if it is special to be back) “It’s very special to be here. Look at this event that our players are having to take part of. The game, the matchup, the culmination of the season, all of this is just extraordinary. It goes deeper than that. It goes way back to when we were little kids. There’s a lot to it. All in all, we’re just going to enjoy the heck out of it and try and play a good football game.”

(on if he was thinking about getting to the Super Bowl when he left New England) “I never lost sight of what the possible opportunities were. I never had a thought where something like this couldn’t happen. But after getting immersed in the college world, that was everything. That was my whole life, so I lost sight of it a little bit there. But when opportunities came up, I’d revisit the thought and then let it go, because they weren’t right until the situation happened with Seattle. As soon as Seattle, when we came together on this thought coaching there, this resurfaced. We know that we’re where we’re intended to be and we’re excited about being here.”

(on what he learned from Robert Kraft and the Kraft family in working with New England) “I think I learned a lot. I think I learned a lot of things. Robert and his family are a great family to play and coach for. But I also learned what it takes for a person like myself to operate at my highest level and I also realized some limitations that were going on that kept me from being the kind of coach I could be. It allowed me to refocus and formalize some plans that I was able to put in at USC and then at the Seahawks.”

(on how he is approaching this game with his players) “It’s always important to remember that this game is a game we play and the game of football has been great for all of our coaches and players. I don’t ever want them to lose sight of how much fun the game is. To make it so that you can enjoy it, you have to win. You have to play well, you have to perform well. So, there’s all kinds of stuff that goes on to get that to happen. But if you always pay attention to the fun, I think it adds to the overall experience. It gives our guys a chance to excel.”

(on how the community of Seattle has affected the team) “The entire community of Seattle has embraced the Seahawks and all groups have joined in. The 12th man is real. It’s a tremendous spirit and a tremendous force about them and it follows us very carefully and very closely in all who participate in it. It’s a wonderful atmosphere for everybody.”

(on Seahawks QB Russell Wilson not starting off as strong as he was projected to) “I don’t think Russell (Wilson) ever wavered in anything in terms of (productivity). He’s always been that guy for us. He does everything you could ever ask a player to do. He’s got all the characteristics of a great leader. So, even when the numbers weren’t there, which everybody else focused on, we were still winning and doing good things and he was doing his part to help with that.”

(on the relationship between the defense and the offense) “I think there’s a tremendous relationship on our team. We have great respect for either side of the ball. Our guys know that our defense is very steady and very opportunistic. We capitalize off of that. We wait for those opportunities, so when they arise we can really maximize on them. Then on the other side of the ball, we are a running football team. We have an aggressive nature. The style of our play really complements our special teams and our defense. There’s a really good fit. Some games the defense plays great, plays out of our heads and gives us a chance to win with a few points and then it turns the other way. Everybody is really counting on that for whatever the game brings.”

(on what qualities make Denver QB Peyton Manning so challenging) “Peyton (Manning) is as good of a football player as you could find at any level, at any time, in any state of the history of this game. He’s been able to bank on great experience. He’s always been a winner. He’s always been a championship guy. But now he’s banked on the great experience that he’s built up behind him to formulate an offensive system is unnatural. The numbers, the production and the winning that they’ve created with his leadership is extraordinary. The problem that he presents us with is so much of this experience because he makes the right choices, his decisions are perfect, he matches up the plays with the defense, he takes advantage of all of the qualities that a great quarterback could take advantage of and he’s accurate. He’s mindful and he’s competitive. He’s all of that. It challenges us in every way possible.”

(on what makes the Seahawks so special) “I think what makes us special is that we are a very, very tight group. We have a very team-oriented makeup. Our locker room is really connected. Our guys really care for one another. They play for each other. I think we have a well-balanced football team that allows them to express themselves.”

(on if the team will play with a chip on their shoulders) “There’s no question that the guys that we have brought in have primarily had that nature. They have this grit about them that really could really be called upon like it’s a chip on their shoulder. There’s nobody that has a bigger chip than WR Doug Baldwin, he kind of leads the charge of that mindset for us.”

(on FB Michael Robinson’s experience being cut and then being brought back) “Michael Robinson was a great team member for us. A guy that we really loved in the years past. Michael was really sick in the early part of the year and he couldn’t perform like he was capable of, so he lost his chance to make the team. But he got well and when we had the opportunity, we didn’t hesitate for a moment to get him back because of all of the intangibles that he brings. His experience, his leadership, his toughness and the emotion that you love in the game and also the experience that a lot of guys can learn from. The reunion that we made was really important to this football team and the makeup of the success that we had.”