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Carroll quick hits

A few of the quick thoughts from Pete Carroll:

> Carroll said "everyone if different" when asked if he thought Marshawn Lynch set a bad precedent at Media Day by not participating.

> Carroll was asked if he's worried the team is developing a bad reputation because of the past PED and substance-abuse suspensions and Richard Sherman's rant. In a general answer, he said he was not.

> Carroll has not talked to Brandon Browner recently. Carroll says they have set in motion "from a ways" back about the education that needs to take place in regard to suspensions. "Not until this offseason did I think that a young team really joined together," Carroll said. Carroll said when Irvin's suspension came to light, "that set us in a new mode, with a new mentality." The Seahawks have brought in individuals to speak, group sessions and more to handle these issues. "I think Bruce was a great starter to the new mentality," Carroll said. He says that's where "Seahawks 24/7" came from. Players like Earl Thomas often wear "Seahawks 24/7, Leave no doubt."

> Carroll says they are going to have to make Peyton Manning at least hold the football some in order to give the rush time to get there.

> Carroll asked about the secondary's reputation for getting away with holding, says the team never want to pick up a penalty.

> Carroll said he doesn't think the lack of Super Bowl experience on the team isn't a "big deal."

> Carroll: "At least we have been here. Been to the hotel. This is a normal week for us now. Today is really about getting back to our football and getting right. We kick into a normal mode, is what we do."

> Again asked about the Seahawks' pursuit of Peyton Manning, Carroll said, "It was brief." He elaborated that Manning called him and it was very early in the process, and that Manning wanted to hear where Seattle stood.

> Carroll on Lynch: "He does it with his actions. We feel like we've come to a great understanding of who he is." Carroll added, "He is a live wire at times."

> On the pass rush: "Everyone contributed and contributed maybe even more than we hoped for. Gave us an opportunity for a natural rotation. Early in the year as we rotated, we were really just gathering information."

> Carroll on coaching again in the NFL: "This is a very unique job and very rarely does everybody have their act together when they hit it." He added, "I think given a little more time in both jobs, I could have been much better."

> On the division: "It's been an extraordinary opportunity for us to get better. Remember the 7-9 playoff year, you guys were having some fun with that." Carroll mentions finally getting past the 49ers, and how good the Rams and Cardinals are. "That only makes you better. Our toughest games of the season were those last three games we had to play in the division."