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Quick hits from Pete Carroll

Here's some of what Pete Carroll said Thursday:

> To get accustomed to the extra time at the Super Bowl, the Seahawks will be building breaks into practice and their schedules.

> "This is a big day for them, too," Carroll says of the officials.

> Again, Carroll says they have done the "championship week" thing so many times, it allows this to be a more normal week. "You have to understand this is an extraordinary day for us again. We're not going to miss it. We're not going to be not right," Carroll said.

> On Hauschka, Carroll says he's a quiet, astute individual and "we totally trust him." Carroll says Hauschka had one kick this year that has not been on, referencing the blocked kick in Indianapolis.

> Carroll said he talked to Bud Grant the week of the New Orleans game because "there's nobody better in the world to talk to about playing in nasty conditions."

> Carroll asked about good starts, says finishing is crucial. He said he knows that good starts help calm fans, but that they need to just hang in there.

> Carroll said he thinks it's interesting that the way he coaches is labeled laid back. "We run this program with extraordinary standards," Carroll said. "You are either on or not."

>  "We're playing a fantastic football team in the Broncos. We may play exceedingly well and still not be able to beat them," Carroll said.

> Again, Carroll says they need to move Manning. Need to get him off his spot and and out of rhythm. "We know we'll be more effective if we can get him to move. Carroll said that when explaining how he plans on the team being ready to go Sunday.

> Carroll says Marshawn Lynch is telling the media a lot of things through his silence.