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Lynch has an appreciation for Cable

Here's what Marshawn Lynch had to say during his final press conference today. Here's a link to the video of it.

(on this being the last day of team media sessions) “It’s going to be good to get back to football. Very good.”

(on some of his best games coming in the playoffs and what he attributes that to) “I’m not sure, man. It’s not like I prepare any different. Couldn’t tell you.”

(on when he knew Russell Wilson would be good) “I don’t know. You just hope for the best for him. It was probably during the preseason when he started showing flashes of it, and then his work ethic just took over. That was probably something that he knew a long time ago, but for me, just watching him progress, knowing he can still get better.”

(on how much his stiff arm helps his running game) “I would just say that’s another weapon.”

(on whether his stiff arm is conscious or a natural reflex) “Everything I do on the field is a reaction.”

(directed at Michael Robinson, on what defenses have to do to stop Lynch) Robinson: “From what I hear he’s the best in the league. He’s the hardest to bring down. There are a lot of good backs out here but from a straight physical standpoint, the guys I talk to just don’t believe there’s another guy in the league doing it like that.”

(directed at both Robinson and Lynch, on the challenges they see in Denver’s defense) Robinson: “The previous 24 teams had to stop the run too, so it’s just one of those things. They know they have to stop us. We know we have to run the ball. We’ll see what happens on Sunday.”

(directed at Lynch, on why Denver’s defense is so good) Lynch: “What’s his name? Pot roast. (Terrance Knighton.) Big boy. They get to the ball. They run into the ball. They’re a good defense, that’s what I say.”

(on being comfortable getting blocks from his wide receivers) “I just know where they’re supposed to be, and they’ll be there on time, and it’s all reaction. It’s by design.”

(on preparing for the game mentally with all the distractions this week) “I’m that sharp. I stay ready. So there ain’t no getting ready.”

(on whether that mental preparedness is because of his background in Oakland) “I would say so. It prepared me.”

(on his offensive line’s effectiveness) “Since I’ve been here, they’ve only been getting better. I think they take pride in that. For me, with a win and no rushing yards, it’s a good day. So I’m pretty sure they were effective somewhere. You don’t just win the game with one person. If I was off, somebody was on, so they contributed to something.”

(on the efficiency of the Seattle offense) “Explosive plays. Plays over 20 yards.”

(on whether he likes the possibility of Sunday’s game being a 2-3 yards per carry day with less explosive plays) “Yeah. Sounds like a fun day. I mean I get to run into a lot of people."

(on what he thought of Offensive Line and Assistant Head Coach Tom Cable when he came to Seattle) “Well, being from Oakland, all I knew about him was that he punched people. That’s my type of person.”

(on if he thinks his biggest strength being his ability to break tackles on the run) “No, I just think my overall game.”

(on it being more difficult to keep focused this week with all the distractions) Robinson: “I have four kids, man, so my week is the same.”