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Carroll: 'I can sense when it's on, and the players can feel it, too'

Here's what Pete Carroll had to say Thursday:

(on handling extra breaks during the Super Bowl) "As we finish the week, we're dealing with that so that we can prepare our guys and actually practice with breaks. That's really what we're going to do, so that everybody's familiar with it. We have a way to do that. We're not just going to dissemble, and then all of a sudden it's longer. We're going to work our way through that so everybody's prepared."

(on Super Bowl officials) "It'll be relative to both teams, and whatever it is, it is. We have the best guys in the NFL calling this football game, the guys that have been ranked the highest and regarded the highest by the league and by all sources. We’re going to get the best job they can possibly turn out. This is a big day for them, too. Officiating the Super Bowl is a lifelong dream for them, as well. They're going to do a great job, and we're going to play the game accordingly. There are times when you have to adjust to how things are going, but we're not going to do anything differently."

(on indicators that his team is prepared for the Super Bowl) "We've done this so many times that there's a tenor, there's a focus you can feel. There's an energy level, enthusiasm moving from drill to drill and the way we practice. It may be a little different, but I know it well enough. We've been doing it this way for a long time. I can sense when it's on, and the players can feel it, too. You've got to understand, this is an extraordinary day for us. Each one of these days is awesome. We're in Super Bowl week, we're in countdown to the game. We're not going to miss it. They're not going to be not right. They're going to be on. They're going to be fired up. They'll be flying around. At the end, we've just got to make sure we take care of one another. We're going to have a really rocking day today. That's how we do this. We'll get to the next day. The only thing that's important is having a great Thursday. That's what we're going to do today."

(on Seattle K Steven Hauschka) "He's a quiet person. He's very intellectual, very astute about his skills in the game and the situation. We totally trust him...He's done nothing but hit everything. He had one kick this year that wasn't on, and that one kick got knocked down at the end of the stadium."

(on receiving advice from former Minnesota Viking Head Coach Bud Grant) "I talked to him the week of the New Orleans game. That was the last time. We had a big Monday game coming up, and nobody ever played in more conditions and understood how to do that better than Bud. Over the years, I've always kind of checked in with him to get my mind right about how we want to operate. We talked through situations, kicking the ball and stuff in particular that day. He's always been a great resource. There's nobody better in the world to talk about playing in nasty conditions."

(on the importance of a good start on Super Bowl Sunday) "We would always like to start well, but that doesn't determine how the game turns out. It's how you finish. We know that well. We'll come out fine, but there's a lot of football left to be played. Although, it's really nice for the fans when you start well because they're more comfortable and they like it. I think they're going to have to suck it up. We'll do the best we can in that regard, but what we do know is it's how you finish that counts."

(on his modern coaching style) "I don't know if it's modern; it's just the only way I know how to do it. I understand that the guys do respond pretty favorably. They like what's going on. They respond by the way they practice and the way they play. We've created a culture that hopefully allows for guys to be at their best. That's what we're trying to do, find out the ways that we can best help these guys perform at their very best. Whatever that takes, that's what we're competing to figure out. The culmination of years working with guys, and teams and coaches, all of that, this is what you're seeing. This is the result of a journey to figure out how you can create an environment where people can find their best, stay at their best, foster their best for the people around them so that everybody can join in. It's interesting to hear so many ways to explain it - laid back, free willy, doing whatever - we run this program with extraordinary standards in how we prepare every day, with expectations that they're going to be working their tails off every single step of every single practice. When we get in games, it's not a different situation for us. I don't believe that people are very good at turning things on and off when it comes to intensity. You're either on, or you're not. You're either capable, or you're not. You have to create an environment where not only is that at the top of the charts, but also they can feel good about what they're doing and understand that if they do that in that manner, that they'll perform at a really high level. It doesn't mean we're going to win. We're just trying to get the best we can out of our guys. We're playing a fantastic football team in the Broncos. We may play exceedingly well and still not be able to beat them. That's how good they are. We're going to go out there and play at our best, and see what happens."

(on DE Michael Bennett) "Michael's a really special kid in that he's got a tremendous motor. That's the phrase we use about that. He really tries hard all the time, has great effort. He's really creative. He's a real savvy player. He can actually make things happen that are good when things are wrong sometimes. He has a way of getting in that position and getting out of it. We've come to appreciate it. We've found that we just need to throw him out there and turn him loose and good stuff happens because he tries so hard and competes so hard. He also has tremendous creativity and sense for the game. That's allowed us to place him at a lot of different positions, utilize him in different manners, ask him to do some stuff that we wouldn't ask other guys to do."

(on playing a successful pass rush against Denver QB Peyton Manning) "We need to move him. We need to get him off the spot so he has to move, so he has to adjust. When he's in rhythm and solidly in the pocket - which he is a great majority of the time - then you're really dealing with the best he has to offer. He can move. He has a great sense of the pocket. He understands that we know that it will be more effective if we get him to move. We'll try to get him out of there as much as we can."

(on being relieved that Marshawn Lynch is done with media sessions) "I'll be relieved some. He's going to do just fine. He's going to do Marshawn the best he can. He'll go through it, and I think there's a lot of information coming your way. He's telling a lot about who he is and what he represents and stands for, sometimes in the silence, not always with his words that he says."

(on not practicing in MetLife Stadium) "The kickers have already gone to the stadium and taken care of business there. We really want to try to get as close to game life as we can. The turf, as we understand it, is the same exact turf we're practicing on. The conditions on the turf, outdoors versus the turf indoors, is different right now, but nobody's caring for that. The turf's the same as the one at MetLife (Stadium). So, we're going to get a great turf, field. It's cold. The doors are open, wind's blowing, I'm not worried about it one bit. You can't always make it perfect for the players, but we'd like to get it as close to game life as possible. That's what we've done, and I'm not concerned about it at all."