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Morning Links: The key for each side

Good Morning.

Well, that is that. John Fox and Pete Carroll just wrapped up their shared press conference in downtown New York City. It's the last time they have to deal with the media this week. It's Friday. The game is Sunday. Hallelujah.

I have a ton of writing (even more than usual) to do today for the News Tribune's special section, which will be in Sunday's paper. Sixteen pages of stories and info. Be sure to check it out.

So, quickly to an abbreviated links. I'm hoping to do a chat today, if time permits. It would be later this afternoon. Maybe another round of links, too.

Our stuff:

> Top priority for the Seahawks: Pressure Peyton Manning.

> The Broncos will try to keep the Beast leashed, boss.

> Our John McGrath writes the Seahawks-Broncos matchup has a familiar feel.

> Russell Okung has learned to be a pro.

> Our Dave Boling on Red Bryant.

> Super Bowl scene: The Bacon brothers perform on Super Bowl Boulevard.

> The suspect who allegedly led Olympia police on a 100 mph chase in a Ferrari is heading to the Super Bowl.


> Some keys to the game from Brian Billick and Rich Gannon.

> Derrick Coleman keeps using his platform to help the hearing-impaired.

> People of interest: Earl Thomas and Wes Welker.

> ESPN says Earl Thomas is the key to stopping Peyton Manning.

> The Everett Herald writes John Schneider and Pete Carroll are a perfect match.

> The authorities cracked down on Super Bowl counterfeiters Thursday.

> Peter King looks at the game and makes his pick.

> Business is booming for Peyton Inc.

> The NFL is looking to cash in even more, which is saying something considering the control and restrictions it already puts forth.