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News, notes, quotes and video: Harvin hits the practice field

As you can see, Percy Harvin was back at practice Thursday.

Harvin wasn't made available to talk Thursday, but Russell Wilson was. Here's some video of Wilson:

Wilson said he threw with Harvin on Monday, as ESPN's Ed Werder reported.

"To see Percy Harvin out there is exciting," Wilson said. "If we can get Percy Harvin back, like I said earlier in the year, he's one of the best players in the National Football League and he has been for the past four or five years. To get him back out on the field you can sense his ability. Just having him out there, I'm happy for him, man. I really hope he can play in the playoffs. I hope he can get out there and get that feeling again, being a big-time football player like he has always has been. We're excited if that's the case."

Wilson said he threw with Harvin for 15 minutes Monday.

"He's ready to go, I think. But we'll see," Wilson said. "You've got to listen to the trainers and coach Carroll, how he's feeling. That just adds another element to our game. If we can add Percy Harvin, he's explosive as can be. He has a great knack for the game and is physical."

Wilson was asked how he thinks Harvin has worked through the rehab process.

"He's done a tremendous job of keeping his head up," Wilson said. "We want him at 100 percent. Whenever he's ready to go, we want Percy Harvin to be ready to go. If he is? Man, that's something else."

Some other quick notes:

> Richard Sherman says he feels fine after the end zone collision last week. There is a percolating debate about who owes who money after the collision. Naturally, Earl Thomas claims Sherman owes him. Sherman sees it the other way.

> Sherman and Wilson each said they are using the week to sharpen small things and keep getting better. Wilson said he'll be watching this weekend's games from an analytical perspective as opposed to a fan perspective. Sherman said he'll watch some.

> Sherman said everyone doing their job has helped the defense get things together since the bye week. No one has scored more than 19 points against Seattle since then. Three teams didn't make it into double figures.

Here's some video of Sherman: