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Sherman on playoff opponent: 'They’re going to have to deal with us when they get here'

Here's what Richard Sherman had to say:

(On how cool are these bonus days that they have…) “Well it’s good. It’s good for game planning and self-scouting and stuff like that. You always want to see what you’re doing well, what you’re not doing well, and what teams are doing to attack you. It’s something that our coaches do every week, but it’s always nice to get a little extra time to do it.”

(On if it is strange to not be preparing to play this week…) “No it’s just like a bye week. It’s just like a regular bye week. You get time to relax, to get your body right, and then you have practice where you get to self-scout, you get to evaluate, you get to look at your game and see what you get to do better, see what you’ve been having trouble with, and you really get to work on your technique.”

(On if he’ll be watching games this weekend…) “I’ll watch it casually. The outcomes don’t really matter to me or I don’t think to our team. We’re just going to go out there and play our game. I guess I’ll be watching as a casual observer.”

(On if he has a preference on who he wants to see in the first round…) “No not at all. We’ll play whoever comes. Good luck to everybody, they’ll have a good time, but they’re going to have to deal with us when they get here.”

(On if he feels bad that San Francisco has to play in 0 degree weather in green Bay this weekend…) “No not at all. I hope they have fun, it’ll be a snow bowl for them.”

(On how is his body feeling after his endzone collision…) “Well you have ball hawks out there going after the ball. The ball gets up in the air, and tips and overthrows, you have to get those. I’m fine, everybody is good after it, and we’re big boys.”

(On Earl Thomas saying Richard owes him some money for interfering with his interception…) “He might owe me some, I got there first.”

(On how do you keep the same level of play on the defense with having a week off before they play again and is there a difficulty in that…) “Not at all, not at all. Once you get to a certain point of the season you catch a certain rhythm and I think we’re starting to catch are stride and catch our rhythm and everybody is getting on the same page chemistry wise. Our defensive line is playing unbelievably, our linebackers are playing unbelievably, so it’s really getting to the point where we really want it. Everybody is getting healthy and it’s actually a great thing for our team.”

(On what does the team look to accomplish this week, what’s the goal for the week…) “Just getting better. As a team we want to get better, as an individual we all want to get better, and you have a lot of people who don’t feel like they’re at the top of their game right now, myself included. So you’re going to see guys working on their game, working on film seeing what little small things they can do to get to the top.”

(On if it means anything to him and the defensive group that he led the league in interceptions and the team led the league in interceptions…) “I think they go hand in hand. I think us as a defense did a great job pressuring the quarterback with our front seven, and they got a lot of sacks, and their sacks coincided with the number of picks that we got. It’s a lot of guys out there doing their job. When we’re in cover three you have your buzz droppers, you have your hook droppers, you have everybody working together so when everybody is playing well like that you’re going to have a lot of opportunities to get hands on balls, and I just happened to be the one who caught the most this year.”

(On the Defensive Player of the Year award…) “Oh I definitely think it should come to Seattle. Just like a quarterback that gets MVP, it’s usually the best player on the best team I think the best player on the best defense should probably get the Defensive Player of the Year. You can’t punish them for how great the other players are, how great a front seven you have, or how great the other players around you are. So I think it should come to Seattle whether it’s Earl Thomas or myself or Michael Bennett or any other players who had a great season for our defense.”

(On what has allowed the defense to play at the level they have been playing at the last five weeks…) “Just discipline. Playing sound football, nobody is worried about doing too much, nobody is worried about playing out of their mind or playing crazy. Everybody is just doing their job. If they have the A gap they’re in the A gap, if they have the B gap they’re in the B gap, if they have the deep third they’re in the deep third, if they have the hook they’re in the hooks, and once you get everybody playing on the same page and nobody playing selfish football it becomes an unbelievable product with some very unselfish players, and I think that’s what you’re seeing.”

(On what was going on with the defense when they went through their slump this season…) “I mean I couldn’t pinpoint anything in particular. It was just as a team we weren’t playing as sound as we probably could’ve been in every facet of the game, special teams, defense and offense. Any team you’re playing and you’re team is that unbalanced I’m sure there is something fundamentally wrong with it, but I think us as a defense we just got back down to the basics and got back down to simple play calling and fundamentally sound football. You don’t try to do anything exotic when you can just stand out there and play.”

(On how nice is it to have Percy Harvin back out there…) “Oh it’s nice, it’s nice man. Obviously he’s one of the most dynamic players in the league so it’s going to be one of those things where he has a chance to help us in the playoffs. Anytime you can get him you’re happy to have him.”

(On if the defense takes pride in how they play in just lining up and beating opponents…) “We do, we do. Coach Dan Quinn’s big motto is they’re going to have to deal with us and literally that’s all you have to do. You’re going to know exactly what call we’re in, you’re going to know exactly what defense we’re in, and then we’re going to win.”

(On what is a hook dropper…) “A hook dropper is inside cover three. There is a buzz dropper on the outside, the furthest outside, and there is a hook dropper who is the second dropper. There is a strong and a weak hook, those are two droppers, and the edge droppers are called buzz droppers, and then you have the corner’s playing the thirds, and the safety playing the middle third.”

(On the Stanford game yesterday….) “I think they should’ve won that one man. Hats off to a great Michigan State team and defense, but I thought we could’ve pulled that one out. We’ve gotten there before and I’m sure we’ll have another shot.”

(On how much does trust in each other factor in playing discipline and sound football…) “I think it factors in tremendously because if you don’t trust everybody, if you’re not trusting the people around you you’re not going to play discipline. You’re going to think you have to do too much, you have to spin to this gap, oh he’s not going to be there so I have to shake and make sure that I have this gap and this gap. When you’re playing sound discipline defense, trusting the guys around you, you don’t do that. You just play your guy and know that Red Bryant is going to be there, Brandon Mebane is going to be there, Earl Thomas is going to be there, Kam Chancellor is going to be there, I’m going to be there, whether it’s in the run game or the pass game. Everybody has a gap, everybody has an assignment and if everybody is doing it effectively, it’s going to be a good game for us.’

(On how is the trust different now than it was two years ago…) “Two years ago it was a bunch of guys who never played together playing together. You had me a rookie coming in who doesn’t know much of anything. It was Kam Chancellor’s first year starting working his way into a starting role. Earl Thomas had already been starting and playing at a high level, and Brandon Browner had come from the CFL. So in terms of defensive backs it was a lot of guys who hadn’t seen each other, played with each other, know each other’s game and tendencies. Does he like to gamble, does he not like to gamble, when does he like to gamble, what part of the field, are we in the redzone. There are a lot of subtle things you have to know about each other’s games that allow you to play together. Now we know each other like the back of our hands and it’s a lot easier. That can be said at every level.”

(On how is Pete Carroll different than what you expected from hearing and seeing about him in college…) “He’s know different. I got a chance to work with Pete at the Nike camps and all of the USC camps that they invited us too and he was super energetic, he was very hands on and personal with just about every player, and there were thousands of people out there. In LA they call him Uncle Pete, so anytime you see Pete Carroll you just think okay yeah that’s family, that’s Uncle Pete over there, and he’s just like that.”

(On if there is anything that he learned about Pete Carroll that he didn’t know…) “I guess just his work in LA and the inner LA area, the Better LA Foundation and all of the work that they’re doing in the inner city and in the really, really tough neighborhoods in LA. Once I learned about that it gave me a greater respect.”