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Wilson: 'It feels like a game almost every day in practice'

Here's what Russell Wilson had to say:

(On what the team will do in practice this week since the Seahawks are on a bye week...) “Well to win the NFC West, that’s a huge honor for us and we want to always have that mentality, always win championships around here. So to get that first week bye is huge and it helps guys recover, it gives us time to really evaluate what we’ve done so far and what we could continue to improve on. So for us, this week has really been focused on what we can do for our football team, how can we improve our offense, how can we improve our defense, our specials teams. To be able to go ones versus ones the whole entire day is always a good thing. Our defense is really good and to go against them, it’s a really good for me too to go against our DBs and what they’re seeing and Earl Thomas back there, trying to talk a whole bunch of trash. So you get excited about it. So it’s a challenge, it feels like a game almost every day in practice.”

(On what it’s like to practice with Percy Harvin...) “Well to see Percy [Harvin] out there is exciting. We’ve been wanting him out there the whole year obviously. The guys that have stepped up have done a tremendous job and they really have done a great job. So if we can get Percy [Harvin] back, like I said earlier in the year, he’s one of the best players in the National Football League and he has been for the past four-five years. So to get him back on the field, you can see his effect, you can sense his ability. So just have him out there… I’m happy for him man. I really hope he can play in the playoffs, I hope he can he can go out there and get that feeling again of being a big time football player like he’s always been. So we’re excited about that, if that’s the case.”

(On if he threw with Percy Harvin on Monday...) “Yeah I was able to throw with him a little bit for a good 15 minutes. Didn’t throw too much; just kind of caught the ball and threw with him, played a little pitch-and-catch. He did a great job. He’s ready to go I think, but we’ll see. You’ve got to listen to the trainers and Coach Carroll and how he’s feeling and that just adds another element to our game. If we can get Percy Harvin, he’s explosive as can be, he has a great knack for the game, he’s very physical, loves to just make big time plays. So if we can get him out there, that’ll be great if that’s the case.”

(On how he believes Percy Harvin has handled the recovery process...) “Well Percy [Harvin] has done a tremendous job of keeping his head up and continue to focus on what he can control. At the end of the day, you can only control what you can control and he’s done a tremendous job. The trainers have done a great job with him; making sure that he’s ready to go. We want him at a hundred percent. Whenever he’s ready to go, we want to make sure that Percy Harvin is ready to go. So if he is, man that’s something else. He can make a lot of plays for us, he can do a lot of special things just like the rest of the guys, and he’s done a tremendous job of staying focused on what he can do to keep himself healthy and prepare and get his legs ready to go, get his lungs ready to run again, that’s not easy just hopping back out there again and he’s like a race horse man. When you see him run, he can run for days.”

(On how he will watch the games this weekend...) “Definitely, I won’t watch as a fan. I definitely will watch; critiquing each thing and watching the coverages and watching the defense just like if I was watching film. I’m excited just to have a week where we can figure out who we’re playing. There’s a lot of great teams. Obviously, we can play either the Saints or the Packers or the 49ers. So all three of those teams are great football teams. So we’re going to have to be prepared and guys are really excited about getting back to the game of football and just have another day of practice today will be big for us; getting back into the flow and getting back in to the rhythm of the game, which we had a great practice today. It was one of our better practices I believe to be honest with you. So it’ll be good to watch these games and figure out who we’re playing.”

(On if the team has plans to watch any games together...) “Yeah there will be a bunch of guys probably watching them together. So we’re excited just to kind of relax. Taking the linemen out to John Howie’s this weekend. So that’ll be an interesting time. So that’ll be fun.”

(On how he will go through this week without preparing to play against an opponent...) “The thing that I’ve been doing all week is really just watching myself and watching what our offense has done really well and what we can do better. So I watched the live game copies on my iPad that they give us and I watch those live and then I also watch just the regular cut-ups and watch all of our touchdown throws and watch all the incompletions too and see where we can improve in that, whether if it’s me or if it’s somebody else. All of those things, I try to just have a nice week of really preparing and getting ready for the next week and just keeping my mind around the game and I think that’s most important is taking care of your body, keeping your mind around the game and getting ready to go again.”

(On if there are any improvements he needs to make in his game...) “I think the biggest thing is just to continue to get the ball out, throw it to right guy at the right time like always. It’s no different. It’s going to be third down; it’s going to be red zone. I just watch the plays and try to understand if there’s any reads in there that I can try to pick up on or any escape plans or any outlets that I can throw it to. There’s so many guys that have done a tremendous job this season. You think about Marshawn Lynch catching the football. Obviously he runs the ball great, but he’s doing a great job catching the ball for us. You think about Jermaine Kearse, he’s done a tremendous job for us. Doug Baldwin has made a lot of big plays. I went back through all of the games and all of the big moments and all of the third downs and all of the red zones and just all of the big moments and Doug Baldwin has shown up a lot. He’s done a tremendous job. Golden Tate has really made some explosive plays and then the guy I think about too is Ricardo Lockette, who’s come in the past couple of weeks and just made a play here and there and he’s got so much speed man. It’s something else. He’s done a great job on special teams and then you got guys like Zach Miller, who’s been so consistent all year and Luke Willson, who’s done a tremendous job too as well.”

(On how he has improved as a player this year in comparison to last year...) “Yeah I think just the experience, my poise has continued to show up I think for me at least. So I just have so much understanding of situational football and trying to put our team in the right play at the right time, making checks and making calls, making the right protection calls and just our team in general. We all believe in what we can do. Every game that we’ve lost, all the three games that we’ve lost so far and even last year, have all been close games. So just understanding how to not allow that to happen. Just looking at plays and understanding situations and just being in the moment all the time. That’s my biggest goal I think for the playoffs and has been all year is just how tuned in I can be? How laser-focused can I be all the time?”

(On what it's like working with Darrell Bevell...) “Coach Bevell is unbelievable. He’s a guy that’s so consistent on a daily basis. I think one of the things that makes somebody really good or makes somebody great really to be honest with you, whether if it’s a coach or a player, is how consistent they are. Coach Carroll is very consistent and his positive synergy he brings to the table and Darrell Bevell is the exact same. He’s so poised in big situations whether they’re good or bad, he’s always believing in your guys, he understands the situations, he understands certain looks. Me and him watch tons of film together, talk football all the time, great family guy. So in terms of Coach Bevell, he’ll be a great head coach if that’s the case. I want him to stay here forever, but if that’s the case… but at the same time, I also know that his focus is on Seattle Seahawks and what we’re doing right now and he wants to win the whole thing, just like I do. So that’s where his focus is.”

(On if he's been paying attention to the Seahawks' coaches being interviewed for available head coach positions...) “You know I’ve been around it. When you’re around good football teams and good teams just in general, that’s going to happen and that’s a positive thing. You want people to be successful in what they do and when your team is winning a lot of football games, that’s going to happen. The word is going to start going around and what’s going to happen with certain coaches or certain players. You can’t be distracted by that though. Like I always say to you guys, you’ve got to ignore the guys and just stay focused on what we’re doing and stay focused on the main goal and that’s to win.”

(On why the offense has not performed well in the first quarter this year...) “I think that teams just make plays. It’s one of those things that when you’re playing a great defense… you think about the teams we’ve played, the last four games, they’ve been pretty good defenses. So they’ve made a few plays and I’ll take a lot of the blame. I think that I can always improve and I think I can always do things better. So that’s something that I’m looking forward to. Just being relentless every play.”

(On if he's glad to not play in the freezing cold weather in Green Bay this weekend...) “Yeah negative 35 degree wind chills is never good. So that’s what you get when you live in Wisconsin, it’s just always cold. I know the people in Wisconsin will be excited about it. Most of the guys… when I played at University of Wisconsin, I had my linemen coming in. I remember Peter Konz for example and Kevin Zeitler and those guys. They would be wearing shorts and sandals when it’s zero degrees and I’m like, ‘What are you guys doing?’ So they just love it.”