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Carroll on Harvin: 'It’s just been a long process and I think the fact that we’re near the end now, he’s just going to push'

Here's most of what Pete Carroll had to say today:

(On treating every game like a championship opportunity …) “That’s exactly the way we’ve talked all year long. You don’t know which game it’s going to be and fortunately, we had one game left to go ahead and secure it with the Rams game. But, it’s really part of the mentality, it’s the discipline of focus and right on what’s at hand and not looking ahead and out there where you can’t have anything to do with the outcome. So I think we’ve learned quite well of the importance of that and now, it’s the same exact mentality that we bring into this game and hopefully our players, I know they are, are comfortable with the thought and the language of it and all that, we’ll be ready to focus just like we hoped to get a great win.”

(On what this week has been like for the Seahawks…) “Well they’ve been good days for us. The work days have been great on the field, but it’s really the… it’s all of the things that happened during this week. We’ve had good rest to get to these two days, the guys will get a couple of days off here in the weekend, we’ll come back on Monday and go back at it when we know what we’re doing. So we’ve rested guys, we’ve had good work, we’ve been able to expand installation as we look ahead and try to fix some things. So all of those things were taken at hand and I think that we’ve made progress in all areas. So very, very good week for us.”

(On Percy Harvin’s performance this week…) “He did fine, he really did fine. He participated in everything today, with the exception of the two-minute drill and he looked and I think he felt pretty good. So he’s still got a little governor on what he’s doing here, which is the right thing to do and we’ll come back next week and get after it and just go one day at a time and I expect that he’s going to be able to make some progress. Now, that’s barring a setback, but he’s very encouraged and we’re excited for him.”

(On if Percy did more than he anticipated…) “No I think he stayed right on schedule today. He was fine about it. Had he had any issues, we would’ve pulled him out, but that wasn’t necessary.”

(On how he will watch the games this weekend…) “Pretty comfortably I would think. I’m watching the games pretty much like everybody else and of course, the Saints game has the most impact right off the bat and if the Saints are fortunate enough to win, then we know what’s going on and that’ll kick us into gear right away. Otherwise, we’ll have to wait until the afternoon the next day. The staff will come in on Sunday afternoon to watch that game together and on the way we go. So it’s exciting. We’ve recognized that this is a really cool place to be. To be able to sit back and watch these games and take advantage of this week as we have and prep up for it when it kicks into high gear. But I’ll be sitting back. I won’t be drinking any beers in case if you were wondering.”

(On Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, and Kam Chancellor making the All-Pro team…) “Yeah I think it’s a great tribute to those guys and who they are and who they’ve prepared and how hard they’ve worked. I think it does demonstrate that if you play really well with the guys around you that it can help your play. These guys have fed off one another from the years that they’ve been here. The challenges of being the best and work the hardest and to help each other be at their best, it’s given them a chance to really do something unique. Obviously this doesn’t happen very often. I think it’s a great tribute to Dan [Quinn] and Kris Richard and Rocky [Seto]. Those guys have coached these guys over the years and brought them together, kept them tight and progressing them all the way throughout their career and then kept them performing at a really high rate for a long time. Earl [Thomas] and Kam [Chancellor] have both had recognition before in the Pro Bowl and Sherm [Richard Sherman] with the All-Pro thing before. But that kind of recognition is really, individually, the ultimate when they pick the best guys on both sides of the league. So I know that they’re very proud and they’ve worked really hard for it. So we’re proud of them.”

(On how Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, and Kam Chancellor can be compared to the 1995 49ers’ secondary that had three All-Pros…) “Very, very similar. We’re younger. We’re younger now and we’ve got more future here a little more at the end, but very similar and proud that there have been some years and we didn’t just luck out this time.”

(On when he will know that Percy Harvin is ready to play in the playoffs…) “Yeah I can’t tell you that. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know what to say about that other than that we’ll just keep working until we will have more information. We will not rush to the decision at any time and we’ll just take all of the information in and continue to encourage him and be encouraged by efforts and stuff and see what happens. He definitely knows what we’re doing and understands the offense and can execute. He looked really sharp today. For not being out there, it’s hard to imagine but because of the background with Bev [Darrell Bevell] and he’s done a good job of staying with the system and keeping up all along.”

(On if anything has fundamentally changed with Percy Harvin…) “It’s just been a long process and I think the fact that we’re near the end now, he’s just going to push. He’s just going to push it through and see if he can do it and we’ll see what happens you know. I’m really proud of him. I’m so excited about how he’s fought to get to this point and he would not back off of it. He might have had the opportunity to waiver and kind of give in to it instead of saying, ‘Okay I just have to wait.’ He’s been challenged because it means so much to him. So I’m just really proud of him that he’s made it to this point, whether he plays or not.”

(On how regular week practices compare to practices where you don’t know your opponent…) “Well it’s really a great opportunity to put together a great practice because the whole day is against one another. We want ones against ones. We didn’t do any scout team, service team, type of stuff. We just did our offense versus our defense. So that elevates the tempo, it elevates the speed, it elevates the execution. So that’s the best way to practice. We do that during the week in the regular season when we can every day. We do some every day for that purpose. So to get two whole days, these are the two best practices we’ve had all season. So it’s really encouraging going into next week. I know we’ve prepared and worked really hard in the time that we’ve had off. We won’t get this kind of practice again until whenever.”

(On how the bye week will positively affect Russell Okung…) “Well it was really important, he had been playing through it. So we just held him out and just rehabbed him all week long. It helped him out a lot more than going on it the whole time. So we’ll gain something there.”

(On Luke Willson’s injury status…) “Luke [Willson] looks really good. Yeah he ran today, he was running and weaving and doing some good things. He’s had an ankle sprain just like this before, he’s managed it before. He came out the very next day and said, ‘I’ll play.’ So he’s real encouraged about it. We won’t know until Thursday or something, Wednesday-Thursday or something next week.”

(On K.J. Wright’s injury status…) “K.J. [Wright] will not make it back for this game, but the chance of him making it back the next week, if we’re fortunate to be playing, is really promising and that’s unbelievable that he’ll be able to do that so soon. But he’s making such progress, they think that.”

(On Jermaine Kearse’s injury status…) “Yeah he’ll start up next week going full go.”