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Thomas: 'I think it’s who prepares well, and I think we prepare better than anybody'

Here's what Earl Thomas had to say today:

(On the win against the St. Louis Rams to clinch the NFC West…) “Yeah you definitely want to win as soon as possible, but it didn’t work out like that for us. We didn’t have to depend on anybody, we did it ourselves, so that’s the only way we look at it to tell the truth about the situation.”

(On winning 13 games this season…) “It’s hard to get wins in the NFL so you definitely have to be grateful for them and take advantage of them.”

(On being named to the All Pro team…) “It just means that I’m getting better. I don’t let it get to my head when I get success, or when I was holding that Steve Largent award I was like man I want some more of this. When you have success you just want more success.”

(On how will he look at the games this weekend…) “I’m just going to watch as a fan. I’m just going to relax and enjoy it and I’m going to really enjoy this bye week. I’m going to work hard, but we earned it.”

(On does it add something to it when three of the guys in the secondary are named to the All-Pro team…) “It definitely does because it just shows how connected we are, how we were able to elevate this whole season from week one to week now. I’m just proud of Kam Chancellor. I think he doesn’t get the credit he deserves, he’s done a great job, he’s elevated his game, and I don’t think there is a weakness right now; he’s playing the best ball. So I’m very excited for him and also Richard Sherman.”

(On what does a player like Percy Harvin do to a defense, how much stress does he put on a defense, and how do you prepare for a guy like that…) “Even if he played our defense, I know me being the middle of the field safety, I would definitely have to know where he is at all times, that’s how special of a player he is. Also, if you get him the ball quick he can make somebody miss, and he’s a threat to score at any time. That’s why we spent all of that money on him. He’s impressive.”

(On if this season has been the most fun that he’s had since he’s been in the league…) “Definitely. I get to enjoy a game that I love, and you just try to get into those game types of zones. Once you get into those in practice you just keep on practicing and when you get in a game it just comes natural, it just happens. Also, we’re just having fun, the music is blasting, I’m talking smack to Coach Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson at the same time. So it’s just a great atmosphere here.”

(On if there is a preference at all to who they play next week…) “Not really. We’re just excited for the challenge and the opportunity. So many teams packed up their bags and are at home right now so we get to keep playing football. That’s all I’m excited for.”

(On if he’s glad that he doesn’t have to play this weekend in -20 degree weather in Green Bay…) “I kind of wish we could’ve played this weekend, I want to keep it going. When you’re in your flow, when you’re in your rhythm, you kind of don’t want to lose that because it’s hard to get back. So you definitely just want to keep playing football, why not?”

(On which means more to him, Pro Bowl or All-Pro…) “Super Bowl means more. I done did that already you know. You just want to keep elevating you know, that’s it.”

(On if it helped having to play a meaningful game every week at the end of the season and not having to go through the couple of weeks of a game not meaning anything…) “That’s a winner’s mentality. That’s a champion’s mentality. The way we took this whole season, the way it was structured, the way kind of carried us along the way and let guys kind of find themselves and they grew into great leaders, I love this season.”

(On how different is it taking the practice field not knowing who their opponent is going to be…) “It’s all about yourself I think, it’s all about you. When you’re confident you play confident no matter who you’re playing. Everybody is the same, I think it’s who prepares well, and I think we prepare better than anybody. I’m just excited for it, and we’ll see. When you play somebody you can have all of the scout team guys trying to be #29, #25, or #31, but when we’re out there it’s totally different and vice versa.”

(On if there is any particular matchup that he’s looking forward to this weekend…) “I think I’m going to watch the Kansas City matchup just because Jamal Charles is a great friend, sort of like my brother, so I’m excited for him.”