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Morning Links: Lynch speaks, remains a curiosity

Good morning.

Another day, another step for Percy Harvin.

He had a full day of practice Friday. Everything, from the outside, looks good. Harvin went from a lighter practice Thursday to participating in 95 percent of the work Friday. He'll get the weekend to rest before the Seahawks are back in Renton on Monday for a walk-through to take their first steps toward preparing for Saturday's opponent.

If the Saints win Saturday night, Pete Carroll and company will be back in the building Sunday morning preparing specifics for New Orleans.

"The work days have been great on the field, but it’s really the… it’s all of the things that happened during this week," Carroll said. "We’ve had good rest to get to these two days, the guys will get a couple of days off here on the weekend, we’ll come back on Monday and go back at it when we know what we’re doing. So we’ve rested guys, we’ve had good work, we’ve been able to expand installation as we look ahead and try to fix some things. So all of those things were taken at hand and I think that we’ve made progress in all areas. So very, very good week for us.”

One notable person resting this week: left tackle Russell Okung. After closing the season trying to fend off Robert Quinn while less than 100 percent, Okung has received a significant break this week to rehab his toe. That's among the numerous reasons the bye has been crucial for Seattle.

We also heard from Marshawn Lynch yesterday, when he begrudgingly and briefly spoke with the media. To me, Lynch's interaction with the media here is a great case study in perception and fandom. If Frank Gore held the same press conference in San Francisco, he would be ripped. But, Lynch does it here and it's viewed as part of his persona or mystique.

Lynch's decision to decline interviews wasn't always the case. He did a bunch during his four seasons in Buffalo. He's subsequently reduced his accessibility, seemingly annually, since joining the Seahawks.

I've covered other athletes who chose, or strongly preferred, not to talk to the media. Most of them in Major League Baseball. A thing they had in common was often also being isolated from the team. They were guys who kept to themselves and kept everyone, particularly the media, away.

That's not Lynch. Michael Robinson said he asked around about Lynch when the Seahawks traded for him and was informed by Justin Forsett -- Lynch's college teammate and roommate -- that if you want to laugh, that's your guy.

Lynch is very well-received in the lockerroom. Teammates often bust his chops. He's one of the most upbeat guys in there.

He has conversations like this one from NFL Sound FX, when he was on the sideline with Richard Sherman:

"Hey, you remember that play down here when they threw a fade and No. 25 got burned?" Lynch asked.

"You remember when No. 24 ran the ball, then he fumbled, then he fumbled again?" Sherman asked (check out Robinson's face when he asks).

"Then he went and got three touchdowns," Lynch answered.

Then, there is this from Yahoo! with Steven Hauschka.

On a quiet day, I asked Hauschka if he had seen the cartoon. He said he had and that Lynch had sent it to him. They both found it funny. They thought the portrayal of Hauschka was dead-on, but the Lynch characterization was inaccurate (for one, he was not swearing, which automatically makes it inaccurate). They discussed performing a real-life re-enactment.

The same day, Hauschka later hopped on Lynch's phone to use the running back's Twitter account.Even Hauschka chuckles about their friendship, which, from afar, seems unlikely.

"That's the great thing about Marshawn," Hauschka said. "He has everybody's back."

So, there's the other side of Lynch.

I'm not sure if Lynch is trying to be complex or simple. At the very least, he's interesting enough to turn a 79-word press conference into near viral video.

It also likely kept him from being fined by the league for not talking during the playoffs. That's the main thing that brought him in front of the cameras and recorders Friday.

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Enjoy the games today. We may know an opponent by the end of the night.