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Carroll on Saints game: 'It has nothing to do with what happened before'

Here's what Pete Carroll said to reporters Monday:

When you beat a team like that, how much do you retain and how much do you throw out?) We start all over again. It has nothing to do with what happened before. We learned and we gained information in the game, as they did. We start all over again, we start from scratch. Take a look at what’s happened since we played them. Compare the build-up, what have they done coming into the game, what did they do, what’s happened since then. I think it’d be a mistake to try to call because what’s happened in the past and all that. We don’t care about that.

How do they look different?) They run the ball a little bit more. On the road they have. Their numbers are up a little bit in that regard. Their numbers have changed. Other than that, they’re just functioning like a really good group. They’re really physical up front on defense. Very tough, tough-minded group on that side of the ball. Poses a good challenge for us.

Have they shown more commitment to running the ball?) There’s more numbers. They ran a little bit more. They ran quite a bit at Philadelphia. And it could have been because of that offense, the conditions and all of that, as well. We’ll have to see how that figures into our game.

Any significant advantage to knowing Saturday night who your opponent is going to be?) Yeah, it was hours of difference. We would have known at 4, 5 o’clock yesterday otherwise. So, in that regard it helps us that they won and we get to jump into the plan.

When it comes to not reading too much into the previous result, is that something your players will do automatically?) No, no, no. There’s no automatics here. They’re going to hear about it. I think it’s just common knowledge that it’s human nature … you’d like to think that it’s going to be the same, but we know better than that. We have to respect this opportunity for what it is. It’s a great championship matchup for us. They’re going to come loaded up and give us a great football game.

Takeaways from what you saw over Wild Card weekend?) It was a fantastic weekend. The games were extraordinary. The performance level of the quarterbacks I thought across the board was really, really exciting to see. Guys coming through. You saw the hometown comebacks. You saw the road teams kick it. It was really a cool weekend of football, I thought. Especially the quarterback play. Those guys came through in so many situations and really lived up to the moments.

Three winners were road teams) It’s truth. It doesn’t matter. Road teams can obviously get it done. Had the story been the other way, we would have had to deal with that as well. Get to the truth of it, what happened.

Here is his appearance on 710 ESPN: