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Lynch fine being held in abeyance

Despite writing on his Facebook page that he has won his appeal, Marshawn Lynch is still on the edge of being fined for not talking to the media.

Here's a statement on the matter from Randall Liu of the NFL:

"NFL Executive Vice President of Football Operations Ray Anderson heard the appeal and decided to hold the $50,000 in abeyance for now after Marshawn Lynch committed to complying with league policy and with the understanding that any further violation will result in the $50,000 being collected and an additional fine of at least $50,000 being assessed."

So, Lynch is a step away from a $100,000 fine if he does not cooperate with the media from here on. It's a bit of semantics, but Lynch did not have the $50,000 fully eliminated without a further commitment. He pledged to cooperate from here forward, and, if he does, the league will not fine him.