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In a stunner, Walter Jones will take the 2005 team over this Seahawks group

You never know what you'll see when walking into the media work room. Some days, it's stale food and over-worked journalists. Actually, that's every day.

Thursday, Walter Jones was standing there.

Jones is expected to be on the list of 15 Hall of Fame finalists which will be announced today.

He's hoping to get into the hall on his first chance -- which seems as likely as the sun rising tomorrow -- and admitted it would be a disappointment if he did not.

"I think any time you can get that title … first-ballot Hall of Fame? That’s a great title," Jones said. "I think just being in the Hall of Fame would be a great title. Would it be a letdown (if he didn't get in the first time)? Probably will, but I think it’s still a moment that is going to be exciting whenever it happens. If it happens this year, it’s going to be exciting. If it happens two years from now, it’s going to be exciting. For me to be on that list is amazing. To be on that list and to be able to play with one team is exciting, too. I’m excited to be a product of the Seattle Seahawks and to have my whole career here in Seattle.

"The thing I always say is I left it on the field and did it the right way. When I was coming through, there were some great offensive lineman that I could watch, and show me how to play the game of football. I had a great group of guys to watch to show me how consistent you had to be on the football field and how to be great on the football field."

Not surprisingly, Jones would take his 2005 team over this current Seahawks squad.

"We’d dominate, man, …." Jones said. "We set the standard, I believe in our team, I wouldn’t go against that team. It was a fun ride, I think this team is special … this team has a chance to do something we didn’t get a chance to do, that’s to win a Super Bowl… I can’t wait to see what happens.

"They go out and play physical, in '05 we were more offensive-minded and we went out and we wanted to put up numbers and this team is more of a defensive-minded (group). Offense is right there too and Russell manages the game well, knows what plays to get in and knows where to put the ball for those receivers. It’s a different mindset, you see what Pete (Carroll) believes in and those guys buy in and go out there and play for him."

The 15 finalists will be announced during a one-hour special at 6 p.m. on the NFL Network.