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Percy Harvin is full go for Saturday

When asked if he plans to play Saturday, Percy Harvin nodded firmly, "Absolutely."

Pete Carroll seconded that when he met with the media Thursday. Carroll said Harvin will play Saturday with no restrictions, which means he will be returning kickoffs.

"I'm feeling great," Harvin said. "I had a good two weeks. I feel good. Had no setbacks. I was finally able to do all my cutting and breaks."

Harvin said Richard Sherman came to him every day to tell him, "We got it, we just need you to finish." Harvin also said numerous other teammates encouraged him.

"Thought about maybe shutting it down, but the guys kept giving it to me," Harvin said. "Giving me that positive energy I needed."

He was asked what changed the past couple weeks.

"I just kept rehabbing," Harvin said. "At times, it didn't feel right, it didn't feel good. Just kept rehabbing, kept rehabbing. Coach came to me last Monday with the whole IR thing. I just looked at him and said coach, 'I'm ready to play ball.' We talked to the doctors, kept rehabbing."

Harvin said he knew during the game against Minnesota that something was not right, but kept playing. He was on the stationary bike at times during the game trying to keep loose. He had soreness, fluid drained and stiffness afterward.

Harvin said he had days that he thought he might not make it back this season.

"It kind of went up and down, especially from week to week," Harvin said. "Especially after being out there a couple days, going to sleep not knowing if I was going to wake up the next morning with it swelled up. It got very frustrating. I know for the organization, it was frustrating too, knowing that I could practice one day and maybe not practice the next day. It was frustrating for a lot of people. My hat's off to this organization for staying patient with me. I'm just ready to make it all pay off."

Beyond Harvin, Carroll said tight end Luke Willson (ankle) and strong safety Kam Chancellor (hip), who practice today, will be ready to go Saturday. So, only K.J. Wright will be out.