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Lynch has a lot of love

Marshawn Lynch spoke to reporters again today. Here's some of what he had to say:

(On the offensive line…) “I love them.”

(On Russell Wilson…) “I love him.”

(On the wide receivers…) “I love them.”

(On the fullbacks…) “I love them.”

(On how many takes did the Beacon Plumbing commercial take him…) “Three.”

(On if this is a fun interview for him right now…) “Yep.”

(On if he wants to do it every single week…) “Yep.”

(On how the appeal went…) “It went in my favor.”

(On if he spoke during the appeal…) “That’s confidential.”

(On the fans willing to raise money to pay his fine…) “I appreciated it. It’s big time.”

(On what the Seahawks will need to do to get the running game going…) “Just stay together as a team.”

(On if there is anything he can do to fix the running game…) “No.”

(On Michael Robinson…) “He’s special.”

(On why Michael Robinson is special…) “You said why? Because of his head. It’s true.”

(On why the Seahawks were successful against the Saints the first time…) “Well I mean last time, we were pretty successful. So I just hope for the same outcome.”

(On the running game…) “We’re here to win games.”

(On his touchdown run against the Saints in the playoffs…) “It was loud.”

(On any other memories he had on his touchdown run…) “It was really loud.”

(On if he’s enjoyed being in the playoffs…) “I mean it’s good for everybody; for the team, for this city. So hopefully we can just keep it going.”

(On if he feels responsible for the offense to get things going…) “No. We all are accountable for our job. I just do my job and everything else takes care of itself.”

(On how the bye week went for him…) “Rest.”

(On how much better he feels after resting during the bye week…) “Going into a game, you always feel beat up. But, I feel pretty good.”