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Morning Links: Can the Seahawks' reworked secondary stifle Brees?

Good morning.

Game day is finally here. It's been a while, huh?

In our game preview, I wrote about the Seahawks trying to stop Drew Brees, one of the league's precision passers. Seattle has not faced a quarterback of Brees' caliber this season, and especially not one with his numbers.

Our John McGrath says this is the best Monday Night Football game in a generation. McGrath goes back to comments made from Joe Montana to illustrate his point:

There’s nothing much more to say about the NFL’s best Monday Night Football matchup in a generation, but when the home-team quarterback speaks, I listen.

“As a player, you live for these types of games,” he said. “They don’t come along very often, so they’re exciting to be in.”

That unremarkable observation sounds like it could have been made by the Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson, but it wasn’t. When the observation was made, Wilson was a toddler, less than a week into his “Terrible Twos.” (Or in the case of Wilson, no doubt, his “Terrific Twos.”)

The observation was made by former San Francisco quarterback Joe Montana before the 49ers faced the New York Giants on Dec. 3, 1990, the last time a Monday Night Football game boasted two teams with records as gaudy as the 10-1 Seahawks and 9-2 New Orleans Saints.


> Jim Moore puts down the microphone and hits the keyboard over at 710 ESPN. He wonders if the key absences will finally catch up with the Seahawks.

> Here's the game preview from the Associated Press.

> Hank Gola of The New York Daily News says Pete Carroll "needs to get the Seahawks in line before this Super season goes up in smoke."

> Pete Carroll was part of ESPN's Sunday Conversation.> The Times-Picayune writes what to watch for Monday night.

> The times-Picayune also says Saints tight end Jimmy Graham is spending more time than ever studying because of varied coverages.

> says the Panthers lead the list of under-the-radar contenders.

> San Francisco beat St. Louis, 23-13, and feels it is back on schedule. From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Are the 49ers, who have beaten only one team that currently has a winning record, really built for the rugged road ahead?

"I guess we'll find out," (Justin) Smith said. "We've got Seattle coming in here, and they are sitting on top the division."

> It's not up yet, but check for Peter King's column which is supposed to be up today and cover tonight's game.