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Wilson: 'We should have won that game'

Here's what Russell Wilson had to say:

(On the loss… )  It was a disappointing loss, we should have won that game, we felt like.  There were so many opportunities, the defense did a great job.  They can’t play any better.   They made plays, play after play after play.  Offensively, we were just off by a hair for whatever reason.  The thing is, we have to move on.  Sometimes, you just have to move on to the next one, and just focus on what you can control.  The next thing we can control is this week, this week of preparation.  It’s a disappointing loss, we’re going to need our fans, just like every week, we’re going to need our Twelfth Man fans next week.  We’re playing a great team in St. Louis.  You have to give Arizona credit, they played a great football game.  They’ve been playing really well lately.

(On whether Arizona was always in the right coverage…)  I felt like they just played a good defense.  They just made some plays here and there.  They made some plays, we didn’t make some plays, and normally we do.  It wasn’t our luck today.  They did a good job, they didn’t do anything we didn’t expect, or anything like that.  Like I said earlier, I think the biggest thing is just moving on and focusing on the next opportunity.  It’s a good opportunity, it’s still championship week.  You don’t want to let too many championship opportunities pass you by.  The thing for us is to stay focused on what we can control, and having a great week of practice.

(On whether he was as accurate throwing the ball as he normally is…)  Yeah, I thought it was one of those games where we were just an inch off here or there, for whatever reason.  There are a lot things that I can fix and a lot of things that I can do better, so I’m looking forward to that.  I’m looking forward to the challenge.  I’m looking forward to the anticipation of getting back to work.  That’s how I always am.  I know that we can make these plays, so we will.

(On whether it is a weird feeling to lose a home game…)  I hadn’t even thought about that.  To lose a home game, you never want to do.  Our fans are still the best, they did a great job tonight.  It’s a disappointing loss because it’s at home, obviously.  Any loss is disappointing.   But, it’s one of those things where we get to play at home next week.  We get to play the St. Louis Rams, who are a great football team, a team that’s been playing really well and does a lot of great things.  They have a good offense, some weapons on offense, they have a great defense, they do a great job on defense.  I remember the last time we played them in St. Louis, it was a tough battle, so this will be another big week for us.

(On the last interception…)  The last interception, it was a tough look.  I thought it hit the ground, but they reviewed it and it went the other way.  For whatever reason today was not our day.  Hopefully, tomorrow, and the rest of the days this week, will be.

(On whether he is already starting to get over the loss…)  It’s the same process.   I think that’s something I’ve learned over the short period of time so far in my life.  You’re going to have ups and downs in life.  Everything doesn’t go perfectly easy.  If you’re trying to get to something great, a lot of times you go through some hardships and some times where everything is just not perfect.   You go through some bumps in the road.  The thing is keeping everybody together, keeping everybody believing in what we do.  We have a great defense, we have a great offense.  We didn’t necessarily show that today, but we’ve shown it all year.  We have great special teams, we have great fans, a great coaching staff.  We know what we do best is go back to work.  Every week, whether we win or lose, we always go back to work, and keep our head down and just keep working.

(On whether their defense was different from when they played Arizona in October…)  I think earlier when we played them, we just made the plays.  Today we didn’t.  That’s what it really came down to, to be honest.  Whether it was me throwing it, us running it, or catching it, whatever it was, we just didn’t make those plays.  I did think the offensive line did a really good job.  I thought they did a good job of protecting.  They got a couple sacks here and there, but they did a pretty good job against a very good defensive line.  That was the positive of the day, I feel like, on offense.  We came down with a huge touchdown play when we really needed it, to Zach, and that’s big.  We have to look forward to those moments.  Then, the last play of the game, it’s just not what we want.  It’s disappointing in that fashion.

(On whether Zach Miller was the primary receiver on the touchdown pass…)  He was my third or fourth read.  I kind of peeked left and went right, and they were covered over there to the right.  Like I said, the offensive line did a great job, for most of the day, and they gave me enough time to make some plays and look back to the left, and there Zach was.

(On whether not making plays had to do with nerves, with this game being the clincher…)  I hope not.  I didn’t sense that at all.  We look forward to big opportunities, that’s the way we’ve always been.  At the end of the day, we still have to win the next game, that’s every week.  That’s every time we step on the field.  It doesn’t change for us.  Our goal is to go 1 and 0. I’ve been saying it all year, I’ve been saying it all offseason.  It doesn’t change at all.  We lost this one, we shouldn’t have lost it.  But, the thing is, we have a great opportunity ahead of us.  If anybody is going to be positive, you know Coach Carroll is going to be.  The rest of our team is going to be, as well.  That’s what we need.  We need that; ignore the noise, whether we’re doing well, or not doing so well, you still ignore the noise.  It doesn’t change, that consistency never changes.  Just stay focused on what we can control, and that’s playing great football.  That’s focusing on what we can do to win these football games.

(On whether their defense was emphasizing containing his running…)  I thought their defense did an excellent job of making some plays, and preventing me from really running.  I don’t really ever look to run, to be honest with you.  I don’t really think about it during the game.  It’s just one of those things that you just play the play.  But, they have really athletic linebackers.  Their guys, Dansby and Washington, can move really well.  We had that big run, and we could have had another one, I ended up throwing it to Doug, it was an incompletion, I probably could have run it there.  Other than that, those could have been some big plays for us, that one was a really big play for us, and the other one could have and should have been a big play for us.  I think they did a good job; you have to credit their defense.  Their defense has been playing really, really well the past 8 weeks or 7 weeks, or whatever it is, but we can play better and we can do better.

(On whether he had trouble reading Arizona’s coverages…)  I was seeing it really well.  I could tell exactly what they were doing and the preparation that we had all week, I knew what they were trying to do.  That’s something that we’ll have to try to figure out, if anybody was having any problem figuring out their coverage.  I don’t think it was a problem.  We could have made some big plays on them, we had some opportunities, and for whatever reason, we were just a little bit off.

(On the risk of being seen as vulnerable to losing at home…)   No concern of that.  We still have that mindset, it doesn’t matter where we play.  Obviously, CenturyLink is the best place to play in the National Football League.  The energy in the stadium, and our fans, is still amazing.  At the end of the day, we want to play wherever we can kick it off; we’ll play it.  For us, we’ve had a really good season so far, and we just have to finish strong.  We have another opportunity next week.  You can’t look ahead, you can’t look backward.  You have to stay focused on the moment, right now.  That’s this week; Monday, Tuesday really studying the film, seeing what we can do better.  Really pulling everybody together, making sure everybody is on the same page, and just go for it.  It’s a championship week next week, it doesn’t get any better.  The last game of the season, last regular season game is a championship game against a very good football team.  They have a great defense in St. Louis.  So, that’s what we’re looking forward to.  Obviously, you want to win this game, and it would have meant a lot.  But, it still means the same thing next week.  That’s the good thing about it.

(On having two chances to win the division over the last 3 weeks, and having lost both games…)   It comes down to a couple plays here and there.  The game we lost in San Francisco was a tough environment, and was a game that we lost against a very good football team.  A game that we felt that we should have won, and could have done some things here and there, and this game same thing.  I think the focus is that there’s a few plays here and there in every game that changes the game, for the better or for the worse.  Even if it doesn’t go well in the first quarter, second quarter, third quarter; can we stay focused on the moment right then and there.  That’s if we’re winning by 20, that’s if we’re down by 20, or if that’s if the game’s on the line, and we’re down by 5 points or 7 points, or whatever.  I think that doesn’t change.  For us, it’s still a championship opportunity.  We’re not going to shy away from that.  We’re not afraid to excel.  It’s a great opportunity for us.  I know Earl Thomas, I know Richard Sherman, I know Kam Chancellor, I know Doug Baldwin, Golden Tate, those guys, Jermaine Kearse, Marshawn Lynch, the offensive line, defensive line, will be ready to go.  Against a very good football team in St. Louis, we respect them and what they do.  They have a lot of players on that side of the ball on defense, and offense too.  We’re excited about that opportunity, and we’re not going to shy away from it.

Thank you guys.  Go Hawks.