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Carroll on 710: 'It was a difficult day'

Here's Pete Carroll's appearance this morning on 710 ESPN:

-- Carroll said he won't know until later in the week about Russell Okung, who still has a sore toe. It's the same toe that kept him out for eight weeks earlier in the season.

-- There is no update on Percy Harvin.

-- Carroll reiterated that he thought the Seahawks protected well, but that Arizona covered very well and made plays right when the ball arrived.

-- Carroll said Marshawn Lynch read second-and-goal wrong. "It was a touchdown play," Carroll said.

-- Carroll says he met Russell Wilson at VMAC at 4:30 a.m. to watch film.

-- Carroll also said Wilson and Lynch thought it was first down when it was third-and-inches late in the second quarter. Carroll said those two misread what the official pointed at. Wilson chose to take a deep shot to Doug Baldwin thinking it was first down, when he could have ran for a first down. It was incomplete and the drive ended.