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News, notes and quotes: Roster move with Harvin may be near

Another day, another cryptic Percy Harvin update.

Pete Carroll was asked Tuesday if the Seahawks would soon have to make a move with Harvin and determine whether he can play this year.

"That may happen," Carroll said.

A logical thought is the Seahawks could put Harvin on IR in order to bring back Walter Thurmond later this week.

Quick hits:

> Carroll said Russell Okung went through walk-through today and they expect him to be ready Sunday. Obviously, he's crucial with Robert Quinn looming on the right side of the line.

> Asked what he sees mechanically when the running game is working well, Carroll said, "When you make a lot of yards."

He went on to say that they will remain committed to the run and that commitment is really important. "Stay with it, keep pounding it. Get Marshawn his carries. Make sure he gets his reps. To do that, it sometimes counts on other aspects of the game."

Carroll was asked about what determines how and when they use a fullback, and he was intentionally vague in his answer.

"That's just gameplan," Carroll said. "It has to do with mixing the game for them, making them defend different aspects of the run game."

The next question, this is what Carroll said about rushing:

"It doesn't have to necessarily do with how many yards you make, it's the effect that you have in making first downs. If we're making first downs with the throwing game off it and we're making third downs, it doesn't matter. Just setting the style we want to play at."

So, to recap, the indicator the running game is working how they want is when it gets a lot of yards and the running game's success doesn't necessarily have to do with how many yards you get. Got it?

> Carroll reiterated Michael Bowie played well at right guard. Bowie said he was a little surprised that they started him there and thought there was a lot he could do better. He mainly went against Darnell Dockett and Calais Campbell.

"It was a new experience for me, but I stepped up the challenge," Bowie said. "You're dealing with bigger, stronger guys, it's a lot more communication (at guard)."

In regard to facing Dockett and Campbell: "You've just got to stick in there, man. Hang in there," Bowie said.

> K.J. Wright is on schedule if not ahead in his recovery, according to Carroll. "We're real encouraged he will be back as soon as someone can (from that injury)."

> Jermaine Kearse still has an ankle problem. Derrick Coleman has a shoulder "thing," Carroll said. Richard Sherman will also be limited in practice because of "wear and tear."

> Carroll said he's waiting to hear from the NFL about the interception that ended Sunday's game. He thought it was clear it hit the ground and sent it to the league to review.

> Michael Robinson said it seems the Rams have become progressively more talkative the past couple year. If you'll recall, Golden Tate said the same thing when explaining his taunting penalty earlier in the year against the Rams.

"I'm a talker, we're men here," Tate said. "We're competing on the football field. They're out here trying to give concussions and tear ACLs on me. There's going to be a little chatter. I'm just going to keep it within the rules. If I score, I won't being waving bye to them as I'm running by them. I'll just score the touchdown and get back in the huddle and try to score another one. Going to stay away from the penalties."

Tate went on to say that since he's been in Seattle, the Rams have been a chirpy group and that he thinks the Seahawks can be a chirpy group as well. "I don't think there's anything wrong with it," Tate said. "I think we both have a lot of respect for each other. When you're playing this game, it's tough not to start talking a little bit. You get in trouble when you act like me and start to wave and draw more attention to yourself. After the game, regardless of who I'm going against, I go to them and make sure to say, hey, keep it on the field, much respect, good luck the rest of the season and stay healthy."

Tate had a small wrap at the base of his left thumb. He said it's "a sprain or something" and wasn't out of the ordinary for a receiver at this point in the season.