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News, notes and quotes: Wilson takes blame for third-down problems

The Seahawks are 5-for-26 the last two games on third down. Russell Wilson claimed the blame for that today.

"We've just got to execute and I've got to get better," Wilson said. "I'll take the blame for it and I'm excited about that. I love the challenge as always. We look forward to those opportunities. We'll get it right. I know at one point, we were the best in the National Football League for seven, eight weeks, it isn't like we haven't done it before."

Wilson said one of his main focuses is to "stay poised" and that "sometimes, you just have a bad day."

"You just got to get ride of those," Wilson said. "I'm not going to waver. Never have, never will."

Wilson said he usually gets to the practice facility around 5:45, 5:50 a.m. He was early Monday when arrived at 4:15 a.m.

Wilson said he wants to be the guy who studies the most.

Some quick hits:

> Wilson also said every team tries to keep him in the pocket, so that wasn't something new from Arizona.

> Sherman on leading the league in interceptions:

"Obviously when you start the season you want to lead the league in picks and passes defended as a cornerback because that will have the biggest impact for your team, and you obviously want to have the best coverage. If you can go out there and make some plays for your team, that’s a goal.”

> Sherman on stopping the Rams on the final play for the win in St. Louis:

“It’s up to our standard to tell you the truth. It just showed us that we could play up to our standard. That when the game is on the line and when our backs are against the wall, literally and figuratively, that we can stand up. I think it gave confidence to some guys, and to other guys it showed what’s possible when you really focus in.”