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Wilson: 'I’m not going to waver ... I never have, never will'

Here's everything Russell Wilson had to say today:

(On this game feeling like a playoff game...) “Oh yeah at this point in the year, every game is huge obviously. It’s a great moment for us, we’re excited about it. Playing the St. Louis Rams. They’re a very, very good football team with a great defensive line, a great front seven. So it’ll be a battle and hopefully we win it.”

(On what the Rams' defense did to disrupt the schedule of the offense the last time they played each other...) “Well the first game, we were missing three of our offensive linemen, we were missing our Pro Bowl left tackle, Russell Okung, ... we were missing Breno [Giacomini] at right tackle. So that was tough against a very good defensive line and Robert Quinn, I believe is leading the league in sacks I believe with 18 or something like that and then they have Chris Long on the other side. So a lot of attention, in terms of their defensive line and they did a great job. Fortunate enough, our defense continued to play well, we made plays on offense when we needed to, and we came out with the win.”

(On his evaluation of his performance from the Cardinals game...) “I think the biggest thing is just continue to stay poised, continue to do what I always try to do; be the calm of the storm. I thought we did that, for most part, throughout the night. I think the other thing is just try to find a way to deliver the football a little bit more accurate and that’s what it really comes down to; just making the plays. I’m normally pretty high percentage-wise in terms of that, but you just move on. You forget about it, you move on to the next opportunity. That’s the great thing about. It’s another championship week for us and this is it. So the biggest goal is to find a way to win this football game.”

(On if mechanics or his footwork is the reason why a quarterback is inaccurate with his throws...) “Sometimes you just have a bad day. Sometimes you just have a bad day. Sometimes your days are great, sometimes they’re good, and sometimes you have one or two bad days in there and hopefully you can get rid of those days. It’s that whole baseball analogy, ‘Some days you go 0 for 5.’ It’s one of those things that you come back and keep swinging. So I think the biggest thing for me is just continue to do what I’ve done all year, continue to try to be consistent and be clutch when we need it, and be the calm in the storm. I’m not going to waver, I never will. I never have, never will. So my thing is just stay in the moment, stay in the now, and just try and continue to keep drives alive and be dominant in the red zone.”

(On if arriving at VMAC at 4:45 AM is abnormally early for him...) “Yeah. Last Monday morning, yeah I got here pretty early. I was probably around here like 4:15, 4:30 and then Coach Carroll came in and it’s just one of those things that you kind of want to watch the tape and just kind of figure out what you did well, what you didn’t do so well. I’m an early person anyways. Usually after games win or lose, I don’t really sleep that great just because you’re thinking about the game or you’re restless or your body is a little sore or whatever. Just sometimes you just need to get to work, that way you can out it away and move on to the next opportunity. So that’s what that was.”

(On what the Cardinals’ defense did to prohibit the Seahawks from converting third downs...) “Arizona did a good job, they have a great defense, they’ve been playing extremely well as of late and they’ve made a lot of plays. I mean we had some great opportunities down the field and they just made some great plays. Number 25 [Jerraud Powers] for them, he made some unbelievable plays down the field; broke up some passes that we usually come up with. So it’s just one of those things that they played a great game and we didn’t, but the next opportunity is the St. Louis Rams.”

(On if he has noticed opposing teams keeping him contained within the pocket...) “Not really to be honest with you. That’s usually always the case, always has been. Ever since I started playing football, most people try to keep me inside the pocket just because they don’t want me to get outside. But they haven’t really done anything in particular that has really stopped us or stopped me from running or anything like that, I try to look down field and try to throw it to the right guy at the right time and then if it’s not there, try to run it and get the first down and get a big run out of that.”

(On if there is a common thread the past few weeks of why the Seahawks are 5 of 26 on converting third downs...) “I think the biggest thing on third downs is we just got to execute and I just got to be better. That’s what it really comes down to it. I’ll take the blame for it, I’m excited about that. I love the challenge as I always have said. One of the things is we look forward for those opportunities, we’ll get it right. I know at one point, we were the best in the National Football League for seven-eight weeks on third downs. So it’s not like we haven’t done it before. So we’re playing a really good football team, they do a great job in terms of mixing up coverages and mixing up blitzes. So we really have to be in tune and just make the plays and get first downs.”

(On how much pride he has in himself when he's able to fix things when things go wrong...) “I think, in terms of having pride and fixing things, I think that in a game of sports, especially in the National Football League, you have to be able to adjust, you have to be able to make things happen sometimes. So I think for me, just trying to study and being extremely critical of myself and I watch everything I do every little detail and just try to criticize myself as much as I can. You know positive, but just try to really understand what I’m doing well. If it’s timing, if its certain throws or whatever it is, certain coverage, whatever it is, I try to understand the best way possible and then I start to look at other things and try to see if there’s anything else out there that we can do better and I think at the end of the day, it just really comes down to making the play and me throwing the great ball and us running it and staying on schedule and that’s been our biggest thing for the most part of the season is when we’re on schedule and we’re keeping those third down and shorts, we’re pretty good. So I think that’s the biggest thing for us and I’m not worried about it at all honestly. I’m focused on the positives, I’m focused on what we can do extremely well and I know we can be great on third downs.”

(On how early he arrives at VMAC...) “I usually probably get here realistically around 5:45, 5:50ish. I think the thing for me is sometimes when you play a game and the game is early, sometimes I try to relax and have family in town. So you try to avoid everything and try to avoid thinking about it. But once I went to sleep, I probably went to sleep around 10:00 o’clock 10:30, it’s one of those things that you keep waking up, ‘You know what? I might as well just get up and go’ and just watch the film and just study. I’ve always been that way, I’ve always been the person that wants to be the guy who studies the most and tries to be the smartest guy and try to learn as much as I can about myself and about my teammates. I think the biggest thing is I always want to learn something, whether if it’s ‘I’m doing really well or if I’m not doing so well.’ I’d probably wake up around the same time if we had won by 30. It doesn’t change for me, but I think that sense of urgency and that sense of ‘Have to have the championship week this week.’” That’s the goal for us this week and I know that I have to play well and all that. So I look forward to those opportunities.”

(On the importance of executing plays since teams in the NFC West are very familiar with one another’s playing styles...) “Exactly and the Rams… Coach Fisher is a great coach, they have a great defense, we have a lot of respect for their plays and how hard they play, they are very similar to us in terms of the style of ball, they play very physical, they run around, they fly around, very athletic players on both sides of the ball. So it’ll be a great game. We’re going to need our fans, we’re going to need our energy, we’re going to need great execution on offense and defense and special teams, field position, and making plays on third downs and making plays in the red zone is going to be critical to win this football game. So it’s no different. It’s a hundred yards, it’s still 53 and a 1/3, and it’s still going to be first, second, and third down and still going to be red zone. So that’s the great part about it, it doesn’t change.”

(On if he is connected with the NFL Films Phish series ...) “A little bit but not too much. Obviously the whole Phish thing and the whole Wilson chant, it’s a pretty cool thing. I try not to pay attention to it. Obviously I walk into the game; our fans are still crazy and still screaming a whole bunch things. So it is pretty neat though.”

(On him posting a picture of his father on Twitter...) “Yeah that picture that I posted today was my dad playing two sports at Dartmouth and he was playing baseball at the time in the 1970s or whatever. I don’t know, it’s just throwback Thursdays. Thought it was just a neat picture. My uncle had sent that to me last week and I got that from a family member and all that. So it was just one of things that I thought that it was appropriate for the day and it just put a smile on my face man. I get to play in the National Football League; I get to play with great teammates and the best fans in the world. I think about my dad all the time. I wouldn’t be here without my parents and what they’ve done for me and how they’ve raised me, in terms of the work ethic and the constant grind and the constant belief in myself. You know that self-confidence, that self-motivation. So they’ve really instilled that in me and I love them both for them.”

[HTML1](On what he would think his father would tell him with the chance to clinch the division...) “I think my dad would definitely tell me, ‘Just be poised Russ [Russell Wilson].’ I think that’s the thing that my dad always used to tell me is always be the calm in the storm, be the guy that’s… nothing is going to fluster me, never will, never has. So it’s one of things that you just stay locked into the moment and keep believing in yourself, no matter what the circumstances are. So we’re 12 and 3. So that’s a pretty good situation for us. So we’re looking forward to it, there’s no stress in this building, there’s no worry. We believe in what we do, we believe in our coaching staff, we believe in our football players, we believe in our fans, we believe in ourselves. So we’re going to have to play a great football game, we’re going to have to play a championship-style game, come Sunday and we’re excited about that. It’s the same thing that we’ve been doing all year. So the great thing about it is it comes down to the last week and it’s in our hands and hopefully we can take control of the game.”

(On if he has ever seen that photo before...) “I’ve never seen that one. My dad looks exactly like me though. It’s kind of weird. I’ve seen a lot of pictures of my dad; I have never seen that one before though.”

(On if he got away from football yesterday...) “Yeah I had a great time with the family. I had a really good time. Actually had a cooking contest with my family. So that was good.”

(On if the cooking competition was competitive...) “It was very competitive. So I made a little tradition, a little bet. I said whoever won the cooking contest in the family got a free, first class flight on Alaska Airlines to wherever they wanted to go. So it got kind of intense.”

(On who won the competition...) “My brother and his wife won. They made some Jasmine rice and some chicken curry and some other stuff. Their level of difficulty was higher than everyone else.”

(On what he made for the competition...) “I was busy with work. So Ashton ended up making dessert or whatever. So they did a pretty good job though, it was pretty intense. Had a bunch of family in town so there was a lot of food. Too much food.”

(On where they will go after winning the competition...) “Wherever they want togo. So they got a year. They got a year to figure out where they want to go next.”

(On if he is a cook...) “Yeah I can make pretty much anything. I love to cook. So I can make anything.”

(On if he gave any gifts for the offensive players...) “Yeah I got every guy on the offense X Boxes. They were fired up. Defense was mad of course. So that was cool. X Box and I got the coaches Surfaces. So Microsoft Surface tablets. So that was pretty cool and they were excited about that. So just a little gift to just say thank you. I mean everything they do, the coaching staff and the players; I mean everything they do, the work ethic, the everyday grind. Like I’ve always said all off season, ‘The championship offseason.’ Everybody has been into it. So that’s been the great thing about us and it all starts with Coach Carroll, John Schneider bringing in the right people, Paul Allen, and then the players. The players are so dedicated to what we do; the guys really love the game of football. So I wouldn’t want to play on any other football team. It’s like one of those things where you know you love the guys that you’re with. So that’s the great part about it.”