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Carroll: 'It’s been a season of continued challenges and this is another one'

Here's what Pete Carroll had to say Friday (remember this was before the injury report came out):

(On how this week’s practice went…)

(On the importance of executing plays since teams in the NFC West are very familiar with one another’s playing styles...) “Well it always kind of comes down to that, from the teaching side of it. We’re trying to teach them that everybody tries to get a win at each snap, but I don’t think it’s any different. They know us, we know them. So it’s very relative in that regard. But, it makes for another great division match up though and our division is loaded and this is exciting and everybody understands it now. The defense that’s being played across our division is really top-notch and these guys are going to be full of it and ready to go. So it’d be exciting to see how the match up comes out.”

(On if there are any players, other than Percy Harvin, that will not play against the Rams…) “That’s a good question. KJ [Wright] is out yeah.”

(On Jermaine Kearse’s injury status…) “He’s going to be a game-day decision. We’ll see how it goes. He’s going to run now after practice and we’ll see where he is. We won’t know until game day.”

(On if Jermaine Kearse will be listed as questionable…) “Yeah.”

(On Walter Thurmond’s performance this week…) “He had a great week. He worked out really hard during the break and came back here, really full speed and is ready to play.”

(On if Walter Thurmond will be activated to play against the Rams…) “There’s a good chance.”

(On Red Bryant’s injury status…) “Red [Bryant] practiced today, did really well. We’ll probably list him as probable. He came through the week just fine.”

(On Byron Maxwell being the starting corner against the Rams…) “Maxie [Byron Maxwell] is going to start yeah.”

(On if Doug Baldwin will be the starting kick returner…) “Doug [Baldwin] is going to get some turns back there yeah. Hopefully not very many.”

(On Byron Maxwell earning the starting corner position…) “Yeah Byron [Maxwell] has played great football for us and I think he is on a rhythm that we want to take out there in a game like this and there’s no reason to put Walter [Thurmond] in that situation after just one week of practice. But, Walter [Thurmond] is ready to play. If he’s active, he’ll be out there and helping us out. But, it’s really a statement about what Byron Maxwell has done and the way he’s played and we’re thrilled to put him out there again.”

(On how he evaluates Russell Wilson when he decides to either stay in the pocket or scramble out of the pocket…) “It depends on what happens on the protection and then the route running and are we open and available and all that kind of stuff. There’s a number of variables that hit just in a flash of a second there, but he as to determine. So there’s time when we critique it in one way or the other, it just depends. Sometimes, he could hang a little bit longer. Sometimes, he hangs longer than he has to and he’s got the ability to stay in the pocket and he likes doing that. There’s no problem with that. So he’s not antsy to get out. He just takes what’s available to him.”

(On Russell Wilson’s performance in the pocket last week…) “He was forced to move some, more than we liked and it’s a combination of reasons. But, we’d liked to have him in there getting rid of the football. We got covered up at times and so it doesn’t work out as well as we would’ve liked to and that was a combined effort.”

(On how the players responded to the loss last week…) “Well they were very serious about it, took it hard. It was hard for them. Coming right down to the last drive, we had a chance to go win a football game on both sides of the ball. So both sides took it hard, but that was Sunday night and Monday and we’ve moved on, jumped right back after it. Got to work on Tuesday, I think that was important for us. We practiced Tuesday instead of Wednesday for the first day of the week and I think that helped us out too.”

(On if he had received the response that he was hoping for from the players…) “Yeah they’re ready to go. I have no question about these guys. These guys are ready to play.”

(On if Michael Bowie did enough last week to be considered a factor on the offensive line…) “He could be. Yeah he could be. He did a very good job playing. So we’re very comfortable with him going in again in a couple of spots.”

(On if he is making a roster move for Percy Harvin…) “No. No.”

(On J.R. Sweezy’s impact to the offensive line…) “Well it’s terrific. Yeah he’s one of our starters that we’ve counted on. He’s played a lot of games for us. So it’s good. The continuity is really important. This is a difficult defense, with a lot of scheme and a lot of communication issues. So that helps having our regular five guys back in there.”

(On Russell Okung’s performance this week…) “He’s fine.”