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Wilson: 'NFC West Champs, that ain’t bad'

Here's what Russell Wilson had to say postgame:

(Opening… )  NFC West Champs, that ain’t bad.  It’s pretty awesome.

(On the defense getting things started…)  It was a great game, just a complete team effort.  Everybody really clicked.  The defense did a tremendous job today.  Malcolm Smith’s interception for a touchdown was big to get the day started.  Then, we just kept going.  Marshawn Lynch was incredible today, once again.  He had 97 yards rushing, I think he has scored 14 touchdowns for the year.  He just had a great game, great season, the offensive line did a tremendous job of blocking for him.  Then, we made some plays on the flank today.  The receivers were really excited about the day, they were excited about getting back out here and having another great opportunity, and they showed up.  Golden Tate did a tremendous job today.  When he gets the ball in his hands, he’s spectacular.  He did a fabulous job today.  It was a great team effort.  You think about the fans today, they were electric.  The fact that we come down to the last game of the season, we always talk about the 1 and 0 mentality, and every week is a championship week.  This week was definitely a championship week, and we really pulled it together.  Everybody was tuned in to what we needed to do.  We really prepared at a very high level this week and came out with a huge win against a good football team, and the Rams always play us tough, but we were able to get a huge win and be NFC West champs.

(On the importance of the way you won…)  We were so physical today.  We were so physical on both sides of the football.  Defensive line, the linebackers, the safeties, corners.  You think about our offense, we were so physical too, as well, running the ball right at them, just getting first downs.  That’s what we need to be like, we need to be able to run the football.  Our play action game is always great.  Getting the ball out quick on time, guys made great plays today on the flank, and that’s what we needed to do.  It makes it tough on a team, whoever is going to come in here and play us.  It’s always tough to play here, no matter what the circumstances were going to be.  We always talk about 100 yards, 100 yards, and it’s 53 1/3 wide, no matter where we play.  The fact that we’re playing it at home, for the  playoffs, the number one seed in the playoffs, we took a lot of pride in that.  We’re very excited about that, we’re pumped up about that, but at same time we haven’t done anything yet in our opinion.  Our goal every year is to win the NFC West, and that’s our mindset, and so once we accomplish that, we can check that off the list.  But, we still have a lot more to do.

(On being able to score…)  It’s huge when you can score on the defensive side of the ball, and throwing the football and running the football and even special teams.  When your team is that versatile, and can do so many things.  First of all, you have to give credit to Coach Carroll and John Schneider for bringing the right players in, guys who play so hard, day in and day out throughout practice.  And that’s where we win the games on Sundays.  We win it through our practice and the way we play during practice and the speed and the competitive nature that we try to bring.  So, that’s what separated us today, I think.  The other thing that we did today was keeping our poise.  The game was extremely chippy today.  It’s always like that when you play an NFC West team, and both teams have very good players on both sides.  I think that we did extremely well today was that despite what was going on around us, we kept our poise, we kept our composure, and we focused on our goal, and that was to win the football game.  That was to do the things the right way, all the time.

(On the similarity of touchdown pass to Golden Tate to the prior Rams game…)  That was very similar.  Golden Tate went up for the football and made an unbelievable catch, burst away and sprints to the end zone.  When he has the football in his hands, it’s so hard to stop him.  We had some other plays in there that got called back.  We had the one with Luke Willson running down the middle, that would have been huge.  That would have been a 75-yarder.  They had encroachment and they ended up calling it dead.  Then, Golden’s other touchdown right before the half.  I thought we did a great job today.  The numbers don’t show how well we threw it, I don’t think.  We had some huge plays that kind of got called back.  Other than that, I thought we were exceptional today.  I thought that, in terms of our offense and in terms of what we need to do, in terms of staying on schedule, in terms of running the football, in terms of throwing the football on time, getting first downs, making the big play when we need to and be explosive.  That’s what we pride ourselves on, in being an explosive offense, and so we did that today.

(On the play of the offensive heading into the playoffs…)  I feel great.  We had a bad week last week, but other than that I feel we played great football.  We’ve played some very tough teams.  We play tough teams week in and week out. We’ve overcome a lot of big games.   Nothing’s too big for us.  We’ve played in some huge games so far.  We’re excited about what we can do. It would be big to have that week where we can heal up and guys can get ready and come back and get ready for the week and prepare the right way and go into the playoffs with the right mindset.

(On the offense today…)   We knew that they have a great defense, and they have a great defensive line.  When we run the football, we may get 1s and 2s and 3s, but hopefully later in the game we bust something open and get huge gains, and that’s what we did.  Obviously, we got that huge interception so we didn’t have the ball that much in the first quarter, which was big for us.  I think the thing we have to do is stay committed to what we do, and that’s handing the ball off to Marshawn Lynch, and also play-action, and getting the ball out quick and also throwing it deep when we can.  We make plays when we do that, and that’s how we have to play.  We’re a physical football team, and it shows.  Our running back, number 24, Marshawn, he does a tremendous job of setting the tone for us.    You have to give credit to the offensive line for the holes that they make.  That one run tonight, Marshawn Lynch going into the end zone, it was right up the middle, and Mike Rob made a huge hole for him, and you have to give credit to Michael Robinson, too, for what he does every day.

(On the mindset of not having accomplished anything yet…)  That’s our mindset.   To win the NFC West is a challenge.  There are some very good football teams; you think about the 49ers, you think about the Arizona Cardinals, you think about the Rams and how hard they play every week and how tough it is to play them when we play them.  It’s a very, very good division, and to be on top of this division.  We should have won this a couple of weeks ago, but I think it was a good thing, to be able to play this last game, the last game of the regular season, with a lot of passion, a lot of energy, a lot of focus; it’s a momentum-getter for the playoffs, and that was huge.  Things work out for the right reasons, and we’re excited about that, we’re excited about the moment that we’re in right now.  Our focus is just to go 1 and 0.  It doesn’t change.  It hasn’t changed all year, and it can’t change.  We have a huge game in two weeks, or whenever.  Our focus is just to win that football game and do whatever it takes to win, and then move on to the next one.

(On how he is feeling physically…)  I feel great. I can’t feel any better.  The offensive line does a great job of taking care of me, so I feel really good.

Thank you guys.  Go Hawks.  NFC West Champs.