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Anatomy of seven sacks in St. Louis

Seven sacks and seven first downs Monday night for the Seahawks offense against the Rams.

Offensive line coach Tom Cable was not pleased.

"I didn’t think we had any rhythm on offense," Cable said. "Our tempo, rhythm, continuity in staying in drives really lacked. Then we got into a situation where we struggled protection-wise, so then we can’t stay on schedule. We didn’t play very good offensively and were very fortunate to win obviously.

"We got our tails kicked, so own it, learn from it and then be better all week in preparation for the next one."

Cable was asked there is something specific occurring.

"We’re getting run by," Cable said. "It’s a matter of that depth in the pocket is just closing in from the outside, so we’re getting run by specifically.

"We have to execute better. No excuses. We just got our tails kicked and we’ll learn from it and be better this week. At the end of the day, we have to play better."

Let's take a look at those seven sacks:


1. Robert Quinn gets his first of the night.Down and distance: 3rd-and-5.Culprit: Paul McQuistan.This was more of a coverage sack. Wilson had lots of time before Quinn eventually grappled his way past Paul McQuistan.



2. Down and distance: Culprit:




3. The Mighty Quinn.Down and distance: 2nd-and-10.Culprit: Max Unger.Quinn looped into Unger on the stunt and blew past him to snag Wilson.


sack4 4. Down and distance: Culprit:




5. Big hitter the Lama, Long.Down and distance: 3rd-and-2.Culprit: Zach Miller.Long zoomed by Miller who simply wasn’t capable in that instance, and the Seahawks had extra protection on the other side.





6. Long vultures one.Down and distance: 1st-and-10.Culprit: Lack of communication.Long was chipped by Michael Robinson, then picked up by Marshawn Lynch. Long ends up with the sack credit when Wilson steps up, just barely out of the end zone, and Long reaches out to yank him down from behind. The real problem was that linebacker Jo-Lonn Dunbar came untouched and almost sacked Wilson for the safety. Also, note the graphic at the bottom of the screen at the snap.



7. Long finishes his exceptional night.Down and distance: 3rd-and-7.Culprit: Michael Bowie.Long versus Bowie one-on-one on the edge and Long blows by, angles off Bowie and sacks Wilson for the Rams’ seventh and final takedown of the night.