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Wilson: 'I got hit pretty good a couple times here and there; you just get back up and keep playing'

Here's what Russell Wilson had to say postgame:

(On what statement this makes about Seattle… )  I think the biggest thing that shows with our football team is that we’re resilient.  We have this passion for the game, and when things are going really well, we bring the fire, and when things aren’t going really well, we still keep playing and stay in the moment.  Coach Carroll does a great job of instilling that in us, and the players just have it.  We believe in ourselves, we believe in our talent, we believe in our coaching staff, we believe in the players that we have.  We obviously believe in our fans, and so, that was a huge win.  You think about the deficit that we were under, 21-0 at one point.  To be able to come back in that fashion, I believe that was the biggest comeback in Seahawks history, so that’s big time.  There’s going to be other moments in the year, hopefully not, but there could be other moments in the year that we have to do that in that fashion, and we did a great job today.

(On his mindsight following his red zone interception…)  I was obviously mad at myself.  It’s one of those things, I thought we had him, and the guy just made a great play on that one.  He just made a play.  That’s one of those things where you have to just trust your defense.  I never want to give the ball to them.  That’s the thing I hate the most, just giving them the football.  At the same time, we kept playing, we kept being resilient, we got some big time catches from some guys today.  Jermaine Kearse looked great, Doug Baldwin looked great.  Golden Tate made some plays for us too.  Ricardo Lockette making that catch today, that was huge.  I thought we did a good job on third down today.  That was really big for us.  We kept the drives alive, especially in the second half when we really, really needed it.  You have to give credit to our defense, they came out in the second half and did a tremendous job of stopping them, and that gives us a chance.

(On how he feels physically…)  I feel good.  I got hit a few times, obviously.  I got hit pretty good a couple times here and there.  You just get back up and keep playing.  That’s the thing.  I try to be as tough as I can be, just to help out football team win.  We made some plays today, which was awesome.

(On worry that injuries will keep him out next week…)  No, I’m good to go. I’ll be good to next week.  Obviously, you take a couple hits here and there.  I’ll be fine.

(On the Seattle running game, grinding it out at the end…)   The running game was terrific today.  We were able to run the football with a lot of power, a lot of efficiency.  Marshawn Lynch really stepped it up.  Robert Turbin, when Marshawn came out of the game at one point, he’s a tremendous back too.  To have a second guy that can run the ball the way that Robert Turbin does, he’s as good as it gets.  He really is a special football player, and then obviously when you have Marshawn Lynch, he’s a special guy to hand the football to.  I thought the offensive line did a great job today of running their feet, making some huge gaps for Marshawn and Robert, and we got some big time runs out of that.

(On the tying TD to Baldwin…)  I knew they were going to bring some pressure there.    It was one of those situations, I just kind of know the situation and understanding what they’re trying to do.  We had a guy in the flat, I believe we had Zach running to the corner, and Doug did a great job of finding the hole.  I was able to sit in there long enough and deliver him the football.  He made a great move and got into the end zone; that’s big time.  In key situations, with the game on the line and it’s Third and Five, when you can make those plays, it gives your team a chance to do something special.  That’s kind of what I told them on that last drive, that great teams do something special.  Find a way to do something special; that’s what I told them in the huddle.  We just have to keep doing that.  We have to stay one and oh, that mentality.  There’s some areas that we can continue to improve in, me not turning the ball over, that’s the number one thing that I’m accountable for, I know I can do a better job.  The first interception:  just bad throw.  Kind of misread Zach, and threw a bad ball.  The second one, they just made a great play.  We have a good football team, we believe in ourselves, we believe in what we do.  We just have to stay in the moment.

(On the key to keeping the right attitude after a turnover…)  You mention not being too high, not being too low.  I think the biggest thing for me, that I’ve learned and understood, if there is any time left on the clock, there is still a chance.  When you have a great defense, and you trust on those guys to make a big stop, I’m a competitor, I’m the ultimate competitor, so I’m going to try to make the play if it’s there.  They were fortunate to make a big play.  I was obviously mad about it. I came back to the sideline and thought about the play, and I just kind of let it go.  You have to have amnesia in this game, especially playing the quarterback position.  For me, I personally find a place, pregame, and I find a place in every stadium that I go to, that I look at, and that helps me bring me back to zero.  No matter how good I’m doing or bad I’m doing, whatever the circumstances are, I just find that place.  That brings me back to zero.  I just believe.  My faith is strong, I just believe that anything can happen.  We were able to come up with a huge, huge win against a good football team.  They’ve had some tough games, and they continue to battle, and we were able to come up with a great win tonight.

(On whether the team has become better in close games over the past year and a half…)  I definitely believe we have got a lot better in terms of those close game situations.  You have to rise up to the occasion, you can’t be timid in those big time situations. You have to be able to step up and make the play and believe in what you do, and just stay in the moment.  Just stay one play at a time and continue to execute.  Just bringing the other guys, to weather the storm.  It’s the National Football League.  You’re going to play against some really good football teams.  I think the biggest thing is just having that poise, being calm in those situations.  For me, I look forward to those situations, to be honest with you.  That’s what I look forward to.  I expect that to happen.  It’s one of those things that when you play in a league where everybody’s good, I expect those situations to happen, and I almost want them to happen.  I’ve been waiting for them my entire life; I’ve been waiting for them all week, and I’m preparing myself.  I think our football team has done a lot better job of that.  We’ve shown that, we’ve shown that we can come back.  You think about the playoff games that we had last year.  The Redskins game, coming back and winning that game.  You think about the Atlanta game, which was an unfortunate loss, but the fashion, against a very, very good football team, we were able to come back in that game, too, and still have a chance.  You think about tonight, and that was a great win today.

(On being down 21-0, did he talk to Marshawn Lynch about coming back…)  Of course, Marshawn and I have a great relationship.  We talk all that time.  We’re always on the same page.  We believe that he’s as good as it gets, so we want to find him ways to get the football to him.  He did a great job tonight.  He’s just so resilient.  He’s kind of our motto, just being so tough, no matter what the circumstances are.  That’s what you love about Marshawn Lynch.

(On noticing teams getting up more for the Seahawks…)  I definitely believe that teams try to bring their A-game against us, because we have a really good football team, and we expect that.  We want to rise to that occasion, we don’t want to shy away from that.  That’s why every week, it truly is a championship week to us.  We truly believe that every game matters.  I think once we realized that last year, once we kind of communicating that, and sharing that, and sharing that idea, that’s when everything really started changing for us.  For this year, we’ve been in that mentality.  We’ve been in some close games already, and we’re prepared for those situations, and we believe that, no matter what the circumstances are, we’ll come back and win the game.

(On Golden Tate’s big punt return…)  He had some space there.  Obviously, Golden Tate is a special player.  For him to bring that punt out and make a great play like that.  He’s got to be aware of the situation, like he always is, and he understands.  I always say, he’s as quick as a cat.  He can get away from people.  It’s like, how did he do that?  That’s what you love about Golden.  He believes in himself, he believes in what he can do, and he’s a very, very special player for us.

(On the sideline throw to Doug Baldwin…)  That was a great play by Doug. It was a scramble play.  Looking downfield, there was nothing really there.  They brought an on-time blitz, one of those things we really couldn’t protect in time.  I was able to spin out of it and extend the play. That’s what we talk about.  We have to be great at that.  That’s something that I do, is extend the play and move around if it’s not there.  Doug Baldwin did a tremendous job of coming back to the football.  I was able to throw it to a spot where he could catch it and only him.  He made a big time catch.  We no-huddled it, and we did a zone-read type play, and we were able to come up with a huge touchdown, and that was big for us.  That was a big momentum getter for us, and kind of gave us a little hope and let us know that let’s just continue to move the football, let’s continue to play, let’s continue to stay in the moment.  Doug’s catch really lighted that fire, I believe.

(On whether he talked to Mike Glennon…)  I definitely got to talk to Mike.  That’s my old roommate.  We’ve been through the fire together.  He’s a great guy.  I love him to death.  We talked for a while after the game, and pregame too.  I thought he did a great job.  He’s very poised.  He believes in himself, and so I respect that about him a lot.  He’s just a great person, a great football player, and he’s got a bright future.

Thank you guys so much.  Go Hawks.