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News, notes and quotes: Seahawks prepping to be without Unger and Bryant this week

Pete Carroll said that center Max Unger and DE Red Bryant are going through concussion tests. The team won't have an answer on their availability until Thursday or Friday, so they will prepare as if those two are out this weekend in Atlanta.

Other quick hits from Carroll:

> In the video above, he talks about the run defense.

> Carroll said he thought part of the problem for the run defense was it trying to strip the ball too much, but, when he went back and looked, he concluded that was an incorrect assessment. He again said fits were part of the problem.

> Carroll pointed out that three weeks ago, against Arizona, the Seahawks gave up 30 yards rushing. "Then we jumped off the cliff here," he said.

> He again pointed to Golden Tate's punt return as a turning point. "I think after the punt return, we were alive."

> Carroll said the offensive line was much better. "We just executed much better."

> Percy Harvin is still day-to-day. Sounded like he won't play this week.

> Carroll said Russell Wilson is all right and will practice this week with his normal reps.

> Carroll said he tries to give certain players freedom, like he did with Troy Polamalu, to accentuate their gifts. This was in response to being asked about Golden Tate fielding the ball at the 4-yard line on his punt return. He's moved to a point with Tate that the reward outweighs the risk, though he said Tate still does some "knucklehead" things.

> Breno Giacomini and Russell Okung are still on schedule to practice Wednesday. Carroll said it's "not likely" Giacomini will be ready this week. Again, Okung can't come back until Nov. 17.

> Carroll said they don't allow hazing in the lockerroom. He's felt that there were no problems for them with that topic and has asked around to be sure.

> He said the receivers were "a little shaky" early in their first week without Sidney Rice.

> He's waiting for a response from the league on the Earl Thomas pass interference call. Carroll still feels Thomas played it "perfectly" and is unsure what the issue was. As far as the defensive backs playing physical and the referees being aware of that, Carroll said, "I think there is something that comes with reputation."

> Carroll called the team a "work in progress." He was asked if that's a good or bad thing when they are 8-1 and said he thought it is "wonderful."