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Carroll: 'The urgency really kicked us in a higher gear that we needed'

Here's most of what Pete Carroll had to say today:

(On the defense in terms of stopping the run...) “We were sloppy in our run fits, again. Unfortunately, we missed some reads on a couple of new plays that they ran. They did a nice job in changing up and we weren’t as sharp and the ball got out on us. A couple of defenses, we were trying to pressure and we got hit while we were pressuring them and we didn’t execute the run part of it well. So we’re just off a little bit and we have not fixed it in these two weeks. Obviously with that many yards being run, we got to keep working hard it and it’s a big, dedicated effort because we don’t want to go that way. We have 38 runs and 40 runs the last two weeks. That’s because it’s available. They wouldn’t run it that many times if we’re playing it better. We have work to do and we’re a work in progress and it’s not a completed piece of furniture yet. We’ve got a lot of work to do. Build it up.”

(On if there were similarities between the Bucs’ running game and the Rams' running game...) “Somewhat yeah. When I said the same thing… we missed reads… I mean the fits aren’t really the way that we wanted them to be. We want them really sharp and so some runs got out. I had said afterwards that, ‘I thought maybe that we were trying to go after the football a little bit more than we should have. That wasn’t really an issue.’ That was wrong. Nice thought though. It was a good thought.”

(On if run fits is a linebacker problem or all players...) “It becomes everybody’s issue. The linebackers are tied together strictly with what goes on up front. Front guys are doing okay. I thought that on the second level, with the DBs and the linebackers fitting in complement with what’s going on up front. But it fits all together, everybody has got their plays. So it’s just not as clean as it needs to be.”

(On the mistakes being a mental issue or a physical issue...) “I think the mental part of it is more physical. I’m sure that’s a really respectable question right there. I didn’t respect it very much with my answer. But I don’t know.  I don’t have that answer. So yeah”

(On if the same issues that occurred last year are apparent this year...) “I don’t know. You guys can keep digging. We’re going to work really hard at this. Three weeks ago, we gave up 30 yards rushing and then we jumped off the cliff here in the 200s. So I think that we’ll get decidedly better. We’re really tuned in, the players take a lot of pride in it as well, and we all have to do better, from myself on down. So we are going to work really hard to get that done.”

(On the Seahawks' performance to win the game...) “It was a fantastic. It was really a fantastic game and Tampa came out playing great and took advantage of their opportunities, in tremendous fashion. Quarterback [Mike Glennon] did great, they ran the ball well, every aspect of it and they got the turnovers too. So it was really just an uphill climb somewhere in the middle of the second quarter and we could see it happening. When we dumped the ball in the ground right after they scored on the kickoff return, boy you know that this is going to be really hard. But what is really important to note from our team is that they didn’t waiver. We didn’t change our mentality; we didn’t go in any crazy direction. We just kept working and believing that we could turn it around and the coaches talked that way, the players talked that way, the leaders on the team were rock solid about that. Taking advantage of the opportunity with two minutes left to get down the field and get a score, was huge and we were trying to get the ball back again. So we had a real good attitude about it. That was a big boost to us and I think after the punt return, we were alive and ready to go. The urgency really kicked us in a higher gear that we needed and the offense rolled. The offensive line did a great job, Russell [Wilson] did a fine job in the second half, and the receivers came through. Everything just fit together beautifully. We had to stop them, we had to get the kicking game squared away, and we had to score like crazy and we did it. So that’s a tremendous accomplishment and one we’ll continue to rely on to, go back to, all the way into OT. That’s huge and so we’re fortunate that we got it done.”

(On what the offensive line was able to do this game that they couldn't do against the Rams...) “We played really well and handled their movement and stuff. This was a team that really slanted and blitzed and pressured a lot. But really you could see it in Wednesday’s practice last week. The sense of urgency that we have been real disappointed with what happened in St. Louis and it wasn’t any of the same plan or any of that stuff. We basically ran the same plays. We just really executed much better and so we can see that there’s levels to improve and we’re trying to really make it clear to the players that we all need to take accounting of that. That we could still get a lot better in a lot of area. We need to believe that first and then we need to act on it and they did it beautifully this week. Like I said, Wednesday started it and then Thursday was there and Friday was there and so it came right out in game time. We came out flying off of the football and it was very disciplined and very aggressive and Marshawn [Lynch] was right on it. He took full advantage of it and so did Robert [Turbin]. They really hit the line of scrimmage great and in great fashion. So that’s what happened. I don’t know. It was response to the St. Louis game. We weren’t right and we weren’t as good as we could be. So I’m going to take that as a real encouraging sign that there’s other areas that we could improve also.”

(On how Wilson is doing after taking big hits against the Bucs' defense...) “He’s okay. He has a full smile, he’s fired up. He loved that we won and the way that we won it, and he saw the challenge coming right there in the second quarter that it’s going to be one of those days that we’re going to have to come back and he was talking about on the sidelines and he was real proud today. He’s banged up, but he’ll be okay and we think we’ll put together a good week and we just got to do a better job of keeping him clean. We get out of the game with no sacks, but he still got hit five times and he got hit substantially, with a couple of penalties in there too. So he got hit pretty good, but he’s a tremendous athlete to take those hits and to roll with it and all that. He takes full advantage of his athleticism to get out of that stuff.”

(On if taking so many big hits causes concern for him to sit out of practice...) “No, he’s planning on practicing.”

(On Max Unger...) “He had a good day today. He got hit in the head and concussion symptoms showed up and Red Bryant did as well, as we found out today. So those guys are going through the protocol to see if they’re able to return. We’ll take great care in making those decisions.”

(On if there was any concern when Wilson took a knee and got hit...) “You mean on the kneel down? No it wasn’t a big hit. The guy just went after the football. But for whatever reason, the play didn’t seem to stop. He looked back at the ref for a pleading, ‘I just took a knee. I feel like they’re still coming after me. Will you blow the whistle and help me out here?’ And it all kind of happened in… could’ve been a bad situation, but it wasn’t.”

(On Wilson’s scrambling ability and Tate’s return being examples of risk taking...) “I think that everybody else looks at it like that. I think if you trust them that he’s going to make good decision on it, then I think the risk is minimized and the reward is maximized. That’s the idea here and with another player wouldn’t think that way, in both of those cases. But, I think these guys warrant. I think this is allowing them to bring what they bring special and unique to the game. It’s something that I’ve talked about a million times to you guys. That Golden [Tate] is a unique football, as is Russell [Wilson] and at times, they’ll make better decisions than we can plot out and sometimes it’s not going to work out. But for the most part, I think it will. If I thought that it was going to work out bad most of the team, I wouldn’t do this. So far, we’ll keep going and I fully have the right to change that at any time and put another guy back there if we have to. But right now, Golden [Tate] gets it. He understands it and our guys work really hard to get give him a chance and we had great blocking. Richard [Sherman] had a great block to set that thing in motion. We had guys spread all over the field blocking; to give him a chance to get that kind of space and he felt that. He knows that. He can sense it when it’s coming. He’s looking at the cover wage and he’s really that aware that he can see coverage and see the ball and go back to coverage and go back to the ball and make his decisions. Not everyone can do that. He’s really goods at it.”

(On if that what he’s talking about when he talks about giving guys the freedom to make their own decisions...) “I said it in the meeting today just to make sure that they all heard it again because I knew that you guys were going to ask these questions. Just so they all heard. There are times, yeah. Sure. Been doing that for years. One of the guys that was most obvious to me was Troy Polamalu, when we still played with him. We let Troy [Polamalu] do all kinds of things until he made a really egregious error and he rarely did. But there’s been guys like that over the years that you’re better off cutting them loose because they’ll make great plays for you. You can restrict them and make them pretty ordinary too, if you do it that way. So we don’t do it that way.”

(On if it was difficult for him to give players that freedom to make their own decisions...) “No. No because it isn’t a wide open policy. It’s a policy that’s dictated by the expertise, the prowess of the individuals and when you try to do it, you don’t want to hurt the feelings of the guys around the like this guy gets to do it and it’s not that wide spread. It’s pretty confined. But I think it goes back to the base philosophy of trying to utilize people’s special talents and amplifying that when you can.”

(On if he views Golden Tate as the 'spark' for players in critical situations...) “Yes I totally agree with him and that’s part of it and he’s got a couple of knucklehead plays in him obviously, as we’ve seen over time. But in general, he’s a guy that has so much creativity to him that you want to let him create and that’s really what this is about.”

(On Breno Giacomini and Russell Okung…) “We plan, today, that is if everything goes well again tomorrow, by Wednesday Breno will practice with us. We’ll see how he does and we’ll see what he can do. That will be determined again by what happens tomorrow, but we plan on him being out there practicing. Russell as well, that’s the plan. We know that Russell has a longer time frame before he can return so we have a bigger window there, but we’ll find out. As far as playing this week, Russell is not eligible to play this week, but Breno is so we’ll see. It’s not likely that he’ll be ready, that’s a lot to ask him in one week’s time on the practice field. We’d like to take a couple of weeks, get him back, really get him solid, get his legs under him and see where he is. We have been really trying to be cautious in a sense to make sure we don’t hurry things up too much.”

(On having any experience with hazing on other teams…) “We don’t allow hazing here, and that’s been just the way that I’ve posted it from the start. I didn’t feel like there was any place for it, but in the past yeah I’ve seen it. It’s just an old school way of thinking and a way of operating. We know better, we know better now, and any time that we get a chance to express at it, it couldn’t be more clear and more obvious to us all now and we just need to do a really good job of sending the message properly. That’s not to say that there aren’t little rituals that go on like guys carrying helmets off of the field and stuff like that, but we don’t have time. Our rookies that come in here and our freshmen that came into college are too much a part of the program to be separated in any kind of fashion like that. We just didn’t have any place for it.”

(On if he is confident of being aware of hazing in the locker room…) “I have asked. I just asked around to make sure that everything is okay, and we haven’t had any issues about that because that can be the case. I think we’re in really good shape, and I said I’m going to go up there and talk to these guys today, I want my information to be right. I want to make sure, is there anything going on that I don’t know about? As far as I can tell from the people that I’ve talked to I think we’re in really good shape that way. It’s never been an issue and that didn’t happen in college either. I just don’t like it; I don’t think it’s the right thing to do.”

(On if it’s always happened, but now the league is more aware of it now…) “There’s no question, there’s no question. We grow all the time in our awareness of things, and at one time we thought it was okay and then we realized what were we thinking. The concussion thing couldn’t be more obvious of an example of that, and it’s just lack of awareness and education. Sometimes you have to take a couple of steps back to take a step forward, and we had to do that in a number of areas. This is certainly one of them again.”

(On Percy Harvin is ready to go…) “We’ll see. We’re still working to bring him on back. I know he had a good rehab today so we’ll see how he does tomorrow.”

(On if there is a deadline to play Percy Harvin…) “He has a three week period from when he first started, a PUP period.”

(On being a work in progress and if that is strange to say for a team that is 8-1…) “No I think it’s a beautiful thing to say. I’m glad I’m saying that right now in a sense because we have a lot of stuff ahead of us that we’re going to have to get better to handle and to deal with. We don’t want to peak too early.”

(On if there is a chance that Percy Harvin can play this week…) “I don’t know that. I’m not counting on that.”

(On Steven Hauschka…) “He’s having a great season, and we’ve recognized the whole mechanism from Clinton Gresham to John Ryan to Steven. They’re doing a great job for us and they’re just really consistent and performing at a tremendous level. Steven has hit everything, but the one that they knocked down so he’s had a great first half of this season and we’re counting on him. He’s doing fine.”

(On how difficult is it to balance the stress and the hours that coaches have to put in and making sure that they’re healthy…) “Well first I’d like to send out a message to those guys. We all hope that they’re going to turn around and get well real quickly and all of that. There is probably nothing more important than rest from where we are, but I think a lot of people in their work our under a lot of stress. People that own their own businesses, and people that are trying to make ends meet and all of that, everybody is stressed. I don’t know that we’re any different in that regard. We work tremendous hours like a lot of normal people do, we give everything we have because of the cause like a lot of people do, and it’s hard. When you burn a candle at both ends you’re going to have to pay the price somewhat there’s no question about it. The biggest issue is just fatigue. We deny ourselves and we’re the same guys that said we shook off concussions and came back from injuries before we should have. Most of the guys that are coaching are that kind of guy. You can expect that there is nobody tougher than John Fox and Gary Kubiak. Those guys battled through a bunch of stuff to make it in their careers, and sometimes we’re our worst enemies because we push ourselves so hard. we’re trying to stand upfront and be tough and do everything we can to help, and sometimes somebody has to tap you on the shoulders and slow you down a little bit. That’s all part of it and it’s unfortunate that those guys had little episodes here, but they’ll bounce back I’m sure. We’re rooting for them.”

(On being more proactive in staying healthy or having someone else do that for him…) “I am trying to do a better job. I know that there is a lot of people counting on me so I need to be the best I can be, and part of that is resting properly. That’s really what it amounts to; nutrition and rest. I’m fortunate and feeling pretty good. At the halfway point I feel like I’m ahead of it a little bit, I’m feeling pretty strong right now. We are more in tune with the benefits of good rest than we have ever been. We have sleep programs for our young guys that randomly don’t take care of themselves and have not developed good habits, but our coaches need to do the same. We’ve adjusted our system in ways to try to enhance the breaks and the rest as much as possible, but there is also a time where you have to push and you have to fight through it. But we’re very cognizant, and I am as well. I’m doing better now than I have in the past.

(On Earl Thomas' pass interference and interception…) “I’d like to hear from the league, I haven’t heard from the league yet on how they want to talk on that one. Earl fitted in with the route, and as he was looking back he had his hand there just to feel where the receiver was, he didn’t impede him at all. He made a great and I think he even kept his feet in bounds on the interception, I don’t know how they would have called that one, but it was really close. It was an incredibly well done play. I told the fellas that and I’ll tell them on Wednesday on what the league says about this because we thought he did a perfect job. There’s an arm bar consideration here if you put your arm out and restrict a player from getting to the football, and I want to know what they’re going to say about that because to me barring means that you’re keeping him from doing something that he wants to do. This is such a gray area, it’s so hard and the pass interference has been a problem for years and years and years in interpretation so this is nothing new, it just continues to go. I thought it was a great play and he did exactly what we asked him to do, and he made a great catch too. It’s unfortunate because it was a big, big play in this game. We take the ball away from them right there instead of them going down and scoring right off the bat. It would’ve been kind of like we counted on us doing. I don’t know what would happen there. The official tried to call it right and he did the best he could.”

(On how the receiver's performance without Sidney Rice…) “Well it was a little shaky early. We weren’t catching the ball well and Doug Baldwin got off to a rocky start, and just came back and had a great game for us, but all in all the guys did a terrific job. Jermaine Kearse came through, Golden Tate came through, and we even got to see Ricardo Lockette catch a ball and made a real nice play. There is no doubt that you miss a guy like Sidney Rice, but I thought the guys answered it well and were off and running.”

(On the not getting the benefit of the doubt on pass interference calls because how the DBs play…) “I think there is something that comes with the reputation and we get a little special consideration. I would imagine that when you play the style that we play, we’ve had pretty effective play for a while, that the coaches are going to talk to the officials and they’re going to hear about it, the officials are watching TV too and they’re seeing it. There’s a little something that comes with reputation, and our players know that, they’ve been told. We have to do better than that; we have to be over and above of what’s going to get called so we’re going to try to continue to adapt to get that done.”

(On if the pass interception call made Earl Thomas cautious on making a play in the red zone…) “I didn’t get that from Earl. Cautious is not a dominant word in his vocabulary, so I’d be surprised if he said that.”

(On with the concussion protocol does he have to get Lemuel JeanPierre ready to play this week…) “Yes, yeah I think we should. We have to get Lemuel ready to play and that’s how we have to think about it. Because we won’t know until Thursday likely, and it might be all the way to Friday, so we have to plan like those guys aren’t going to be there. If they pop back in and they can do it then they will. We’ll get indications on how well they do tomorrow because they get tested every day. We’ll have a sense for it.”