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Morning links: Things not going well in Atlanta

Good morning.

Things aren't good in Atlanta for the Falcons. How bad are they? Freddie Falcon, the Atlanta mascot, had to apologize because of an insensitive tweet following a suicide prevention walk he represented the Falcons at.

I wrote about some of the issues this year for the Falcons after strong expectations coming into the season.


> focuses on Marshawn Lynch, who is back to second in the NFL in rushing.

> The Seahawks are fourth in the ESPN power rankings.

> Steve Smith was impressed with Tacoma native and Atlanta cornerback Desmond Trufant.

> The "refocus" from Pro Football Focus on the Seahawks' win over the Bucs.

> Old friend Mike Sando on whether the Seahawks will be able to retain Richard Sherman. Going forward, be prepared for a lot of these types of hypothetical, what-if stories about Seahawks heading toward free agent years. Sando is a good resource for reliable information and logical conclusions, as most of you know. Listen to what he says. But, beware of people who write a lot of stories predicated on "league sources" and talk about how much a certain player is worth or not. Those are often stories with info being fed to a writer from agents who are trying to work the market for their player.

> A change ahead for former Seahawk John Moffitt:> Midseason All-Pro teams from MMQB.

> Richie Incognito speaks, and it's printable.

> Falcons linebacker Sean Weatherspoon is trying to get back.

> There's a possibility, though it sounds slight, that Aldon Smith could play for the 49ers Sunday.

> Aaron Rodgers has a broken collarbone.

> Jerry Rice says he doesn't think the NFL should give up on the Pro Bowl.

> This is NFL related and too good not to post. Click. I'm telling you.