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News, notes and quotes: Okung and Giacomini back at practice

As expected, Russell Okung and Breno Giacomini will return to practice today. Pete Carroll doesn't think Giacomini will be ready for Sunday. But, obviously, having both back at practice is a significant step for the Seahawks.

Percy Harvin had a "good" workout this morning, but won't practice today. Carroll reiterated they are taking it day-by-day with Harvin. Carroll said Harvin is in "Phase 2" of his rehab process, then went on to say he didn't know how many phases there were.

When asked if he thought Harvin would be back this season, Carroll said, "I think it's just a matter of time." He said the Seahawks are trying to be sure Harvin is 100 percent ready to work out wide where he could take big hits and will be asked to me explosive plays. Carroll also said Harvin's surgically repaired hip is not giving him any problems.

> Carroll said they are finding ways to work linebacker Malcolm Smith back into the mix, particularly when he is paired with K.J. Wright.

> Center Max Unger and defensive end Red Bryant will not practice today. They are still being assessed following concussion symptoms from Sunday's game.

> Carroll said fullback Michael Robinson had a "particularly good" game Sunday and that you can see the chemistry between him and Marshawn Lynch.

> Carroll said he heard back from the league about the pass interference call up the sideline on Earl Thomas on Sunday. The league said it should not have been called. Essentially, it comes down to interpretation of Thomas' inside arm and whether it's impeding the progress of the receiver. In Thomas' case, on that play, he was feeling for the receiver and not impeding (or applying an "arm bar" as the language goes) to slow him.

> The Seahawks will have Jeron Johnson practice this week in hopes he can play next week. Derrick Coleman is still a ways away, Carroll said.

> Rookie Alvin Bailey will continue to work in some at left tackle.

> Carroll said he's always had certain games stick with him, kind of using those memories as motivation. The playoff loss to Atlanta last year is one of them.

> Wide receiver Doug Baldwin spoke about the situation with his friend and former teammate Jonathan Martin in Miami.

"Just to generalize the question I guess I would say that I’m extremely disappointed in the reaction that I think has been generated from this entire event," Baldwin said. "I’m trying not to say too much about it but I think a lot of people might look at Jonathan Martin and think that he’s soft because he stepped away from the game, say ‘why don’t’ you just fight him?’ Well if you look at it with common sense and being logical, what options did Jonathan Martin have? He could either fight Richie Incognito. He could go and tell on the players, which we know in the football locker room doesn’t go over well.

"Or he could remove himself from the situation and let the proper channels take care of itself. And I think he made the intelligent, smart choice without putting himself or Richie Incognito’s physical abilities in danger. I know Jonathan Martin as a person, I know his character, I know he is a great guy, a great friend of mine, and he’s never been in trouble. I can only speak about him. So for this situation to be as serious as it has become, it has to be something serious that is going on."

Baldwin elaborated on his disappointment in some of the reaction.

"I think there's some reports that have been coming out saying Jonathan Martin was 'soft' or the way he handled the situation, he couldn't take the verbal abuse or whatever it may be. I don't know the specifics of what happened, so I don't want to speculate. But, at the same time, we saw the voicemails, the text messages, for anybody to say that you can't handle it, that you're soft because you can't handle it, that's ridiculous to me and it's disappointing that our society even has to question that. It's pathetic to me, actually."