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Carroll: 'We’ve got to play better'

Here's what Pete Carroll had to say today:


(On if he ever thinks about the last time they played against the Falcons...) “Well I’ve always had certain games that I don’t want to forget because they kind of keep me going and this is one of them. But, I have a lot of those unfortunately. So it’s just another one of them.

(On why he thinks about this game...) “About last year’s game? Well the fact that there was 25 seconds left and we didn’t win and we were ahead. We let a game get away that we regret tremendously.”

(On how much of an emphasis did he place on the defense in terms of closing out games this year after last year’s performance against the Falcons...) “Well everybody did I think. We all did. You know I think that we’ve accepted it as a staff and the players as well. Fortunately, we’ve been off to a good start, in that regard. But it was significant. It wasn’t just that game, but that was kind of the exclamation point of it, that we let some games get away. So fortunately, somebody had a stat. I don’t know if this has come up or brought it up or something but, in the last two minutes when we’re ahead, we’ve been very good in the regular season. We let one get away in the post season, but we’ve been great at that and so hopefully we can continue to find that and that’ll carry over when the time comes at the end of the year.”

(On games that he will never forget in terms of losing it at the end of the game...) “Well there was a game in the Rose Bowl, a while back, that I will never forget. That was enough of one. Sorry for the moment there. That was19 seconds by the way instead of 25 seconds. So it was 19 seconds last year.”

(On if he's surprised of where the Falcons in terms of their record...) “Well we have tremendous respect for their football team, their coaching staff, their style, the scheme that they use. They have great stuff that they do. So they’ve been a team that has been such a great team at home as well, over the last couple of years, and Mike [Smith] has done a fantastic job of being consistent and up at the top of it. But it is a surprise to see that they’re struggling a little bit at this time, but we also know that they have the volatility, they have the tremendous dynamics to be a really, really good football team, on any day. We just hope that it isn’t this day when we play them.”

(On if the last time the Falcons and the Seahawks’ faced each other was a reminder of how fine the line is between losing and winning and a game ...) “Well if we don’t understand how fine the line is after the last couple of weeks, then I don’t know when we’re going to find out. Golly man. The last play one week and then it’s all the way to OT and all of that. So those lessons are loud and clear. We’ve addressed that directly and it reminds us how you get everybody’s best game, when you’re doing well and that’s kind of liked we talked about and we expect that to happen again.”

(On Bryant and Unger...) “Yeah those guys are going to go through the process, like we said. I don’t have any updates about what’s going to happen at the end of the week. They won’t practice today. They’ve got referred to as ‘the protocol’ that they got to go through. So we’ll see what happens and every day is a new day on this thing. We’ll see if they can make it back. Both of them are really determined to do it if possible, but we got to do this right. So we have a real good system intact; to make sure that we do the right thing there.”

(On if Harvin will practice today...) “Percy [Harvin] had a really good workout today. He won’t be at practice today. I know he’s very encouraged about the work he did today. I threw with him a lot before the walkthrough. So we’ll see what happens. But it’s still a day-to-day process. But really, I think the best way to say it is that we’re kind of in the phase two of the rehab right now and we’re excited that he’s strong and feeling good. We’ll see what we can do in the days ahead.”

(On improvements to the defense in terms of stopping the run...) “Well we’re starting today with practice and the focus and the emphasis that has been very direct. We think we have some things that we can take care of and improve that’s really obvious to us. We’ll take a shot at that and see how it goes this weekend. Two terrific running backs and similar styles in that they’re really difficult to tackle. Both physical runners and just their different size and package kind of, but they are really very, very good players. Like I said about Steven [Jackson], we have great respect for him and Jacquizz [Rodgers], my history with him goes back so far that I don’t even want to remember the Oregon State game in Corvallis. That still is one of those games.”

(On if the reason why the defense has a hard time stopping the run is because of the frequent substitutions that occur during the game...) “I think it does to a certain players. Howie [Long] is going from his own observation. He never came out of a game. So he played the whole time and there could be something to that, with particular guys. We’re trying to keep our guys fresh and make sure that we keep them at their best. Our guys are playing somewhere between 30 and 45 plays a game, with the way we’re working it. This is a long haul for us and we’re just in the middle of it. So we’re trying to have long range thinking and keep our guys going. I don’t disagree. That’s a good, valid point in some particular instances. I think we’re okay, but I don’t think that’s the point right now.”

(On if Malcolm smith will be used to stop the run based on his performance against the Buccaneers...) “That’s a good observation because Malcolm [Smith] did play well when he and KJ [Wright] played together. We’re elevating their opportunities to be available during the game. I’m going to use all of our guys. I want to see if we can use all of our guys more so just to keep our game fresh and our guys fast and on the tip of it, the enthusiastic part of the game and really keep them right. So that could fit in. We are using our guys, KJ [Wright] and Bobby [Wagner] both play on special teams at times; to do some things where they’re running around. They get a lot of plays right now. The D-line get a better rotation than the linebackers. I’d like to up that so that we can keep our guys at their best.”

(On Bruce Irvin’s performance...) “Bruce [Irvin] is doing fine. He has not been an issue at all. He’s been very much on point, on the edge, and he’s playing good football for us.”(On if Alvin Bailey will play against the Falcons...) “That’s a similar thing; we’re going to keep the rotation going and just try to keep this moving forward. He only got in the one series. He had a nice series on the touchdown drive, in the second quarter. We’d like to see him play a little bit more than that.”

(On the impact of Michael Robinson...)  “Mike [Michael Robinson] had a particularly good game. He really played well this week. I’ve been after him a couple different opportunities there; to point it out. He was physical and he read really well. There seemed like there was a great rhythm for him. But the line of scrimmage was a tremendous improvement for us from all phases of it. The fullbacks and the tight ends contributed to the O-line. But Mike [Michael Robinson] had a good game and I was really fired up for him. He had a couple of knockdowns and some real physical blocks. A couple that he wants to get back, but I think it does show you a little bit, there’s some chemistry between those guys.

(On if this game was the best game the offensive line has played so far...) “Yes. Yeah no sacks and 200 yards rushing. Marshawn [Lynch] getting a 120 something. Yeah it was by far our cleanest game against a very challenging team too. That’s what I liked the best. This was not a real base team we went against. So there was a lot of assignment issues, there was a lot of calls and communications that had to be carried out, and then the intensity was just the best that we’ve had.”

(On if Giacomini and Okung will practice today...) “Yeah they’ll practice today. So we’ll see how that goes.”

(On how many phases there are after saying Harvin is in phase two of the recovery process...) “I don’t know that. I knew you were going to ask that. I’m not sure. You’ll have to wait and see.”

(On the impact of Harry Douglas being their leading receiver...) “He’s a good football player, they use him a lot, he’s a kick returner as well. He’s kind of a catch-and-run guy that has always been kind of a spectacular play maker. Gonzalez is the guy that we know is the guy that we know as their lead guy. As the wide receivers, he’s a regular part of their offense. Part of the three-receiver offense, when they had all of their guys. I think Roddy [White] coming back is a tremendous boost. He’s a fantastic boost and we’ll see how much they’ll use him. I would expect, if they waited this long, he’s going to be probably ready to go. So that means that they’re only missing one part of it, with Julio [Jones] not there, whose a fantastic football player himself. But this will give them a boost and it’s going to make it harder on us.”

(On hearing back from the league from Thomas' pass interference call...) “Yes I did and it shouldn’t have been called and the point was that when a defensive back places his hand back in an arm-barring position, they have to decide whether or not he actually impeded the progress of the receiver to the ball. And if you don’t, then it’s not a foul and that’s what they determined as well. So again, I want to applaud those guys about being upfront about it and making the calls and then critiquing them. They’re trying to do it the best they can. I got no problem with what’s going on. I like that they critique it and then they get to what really looks to be the truth of it and I was very adamant about finding out exactly the wording so that we’re very clear on telling the players. You know, ‘Can you place your hand on their’ because it was very incidental. It was just a feeling for where the receiver was and so it was a great play. But maybe the next time, they’ll call it the other way.”

(On Derrick Coleman and Jeron Johnson…) “Jeron is going to practice this week, we hope that he could make it through the week and be ready for us next week. Derrick is not to that level yet, he’s still rehabbing.”

(On how hard it is to balance between trading players and getting good prospects in the draft…) “They gave up a lot of stuff to do that one and it’s worked out. He’s a great football player and he’s changed the dynamics of their team somewhat. We haven’t seen the benefit of that yet, but that’s why you do it. It’s a very individual situation with your team and your status in the draft and the picks that you have and all of that goes in to figuring it out. There’s been some historic misses in those kinds of trades, the big deals that guys do up top, and I happened to be part of one in Minnesota when Herschel Walker was traded. That was like a whole drafts worth and that was pretty devastating in the long haul. I think the Julio jones thing looks great and it worked out, and hopefully Percy Harvin’s deal will work out for us as well.”

(On when he started to enforce an anti-hazing policy…) “I’ve never liked the whole feeling of that thing way back when, way back in the college days. I think when I was at Buffalo, my first year coaching in the league, and we had a guy come in during camp to give us haircuts and I walked out of the haircut and I realized that I have been punked because I had got a terrible haircut. The coaching staff got a big kick out of it. That might have been the last time, when I thought I never wanted to be part of that again. It was a bad haircut I’m telling you. A three-weeker at least. I think it’s a crucial decision that we make. For the most part it’s the parents guiding the kids in this situation, and we have to do a really good job of not allowing them to make the decisions on how far they can go with stuff. If we do then we are subject to being disappointed, I think we have to be really strict about what we’re doing so we had a strict policy about it. There’s still a feeling with the young guys and all of that and the rights of passage that sometimes exist in a lot of areas of our society, it can be mishandled and misused obviously. The fact that we’re so aware of it now is really important because people need to be treated well and dealt with properly. It just seems like the right thing to do to not take advantage of people who really don’t have much to say for themselves, they don’t have a voice. I think we’ll all learn from this. Isn’t it interesting how many things happen weekly that we learn from, and we learn that the way we looked at things in the past is not the right way. We grow and we progress and we continue to hopefully make better decisions. This one will never be considered the same thing again. I think this has been exposed enough that we should all make these decisions very easily now because it’s so obvious.”

(On talking to the players about the anti-hazing policy…) “I just brought it up and I did ask about one of our guys haircuts because it was a really bad haircut, and I thought maybe, but we’re okay. He chose to do it that way. It’s not going to take you long to figure it out if you walk through the locker room.”

(On if the issue is when Harvin will be able to play…) “I think it’s just a matter of time. We feel confident that the surgery went very well. He’s working diligently to get it done, we just have to do it right because we want him to finish the season with us and not have this be an issue. The tendency for him in particular is that he’s such a tremendous competitor, he’s dying to get back, and we’re just trying to make sure that we really can secure the return and make it a great one.”

(On what Marshawn Lynch's level of frustration is at this point…) “He wants us to win, he wants to win and whatever that takes, and he wants the ball to help us win. He’s fine about what’s going on and that we’re successful in getting things done, he wants to do everything he can and that’s exactly what we want him to be and to think. We all get frustrated when we make a mistake and don’t get what we want and score like we should and all of that. So we kind of look at each other and share that.”

(On if Marshawn Lynch is healthy enough to practice…) “This is a day that we manage him so he won’t work today. He went through the walk through and all of that, he looks good and he’s in great shape.”

(On Michael Bowie…) “He’s going, he’s going to practice. He made a great return from that and we were really proud of him. He went right back in the game and finished it and he’s put there today and will practice today. Hopefully he’ll make it through.”(On if Breno Giacomini will play Sunday…) “We’re not thinking that way right now. he hasn’t even had any practice time, this is his first day of practice in months so we’re not thinking that.”

(On if Bruce Irvin will practice today…) “Yeah he’ll practice today.”

(On if Russell Wilson will practice today…) “He’s going yeah. We have a lot of bangs, bumps and bruises right now that the guys are working through, and we’ll try to take great consideration to help them, but if they can practice they’re feeling okay.”

(On if the issue with Percy Harvin is if he is sore or just being cautious…) “Phase two. The answer to those are no. For him to play at this level he has to be ready to go at full speed to do everything at a moment’s notices. He’s not an in line player, he’s a guy that’s going to be exposed to the most violent of breaks and turns and tackles and hits and all of that stuff and he needs to be ready to do it. We’re taking into consideration that it’s going to take a good while to make sure he’s healthy and physically fit in all areas. His hip doesn’t have discomfort at all. He ran today and ran well, felt really good about it and would love to practice today. We’re just going to the next day, and we’re just going to make sure that we’re doing it right. We want to see how this day impacted how he feels tomorrow so we’re just trying to work together to get that done. It’s exactly what I’m telling you. It just takes us one day to go to the next day and when we really feel secure and solid and he feels great then we’ll bust him out.”