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Cable: 'We’re developing some really cool depth'

A quick chat with offensive line coach Tom Cable:

(On if he is looking forward to Giacomini and Okung playing again…) “Well I’m looking forward to it yes, but right now we have to stay the course and keep trying to do better each week with who we’re playing with. And they’re getting better, which helps. And the big picture, we’re developing some really cool depth.”

(On the offensive line’s performance last week…) “There was some improvement, yeah. We still got him hit after throws five times, no sacks, which is really cool, ran the ball for a bunch of yards, which is really cool too. But, we still got to keep him from getting hit.”

(On if it was the Buccaneers pressure or the offensive line not finishing their blocks the reason why Wilson got hit five times…) “Some of its pressure, some of its finish. I kind of look at it as it’s always finish.”

(On the success of the run blocking against the Buccaneers defense…) “I think the players are really understanding what we do in our system. The communication, the feet, those kind of things really kind of plugged in finally, if you will. And then they presented a huge challenge with all that pressure and zone pressure and line movement and all that. But they handled it well.”

(On Alvin Bailey…) “He did fine. He played a series. It was a two-minute series at the end of the first half and handled it really well.”

(On how encouraging was it for him to see an improvement in the offensive line’s blocking abilities…) “Well they’re all grown men and so there’s a sense of pride about you and as a man, you do not want to let your team down, like we did the week before. It’s just a start. We have to play better this week.”