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Morning links: Mike Rob whips up some pancakes

Good morning.

Sunday, we saw some efficient lead blocking from fullback Michael Robinson. He was in on 18 snaps, which is an increase in usage of a fullback in the Seahawks' scheme. Marshawn Lynch had 21 carries. That was the increase the Seahawks were looking for after he carried a paltry eight times against the Rams.

Which led our Dave Boling to have a chat with Robinson. Lynch was, ahem, unavailable for comment.

“I can’t explain it, or put it into words,” Robinson said of his working and personal relationships with Lynch. “We’ve been playing together for a while, and he knows what I’m gonna do and how I’m going to target a guy. I talk to him about what I’m doing to do when we see a certain look, so, yeah, we communicate a whole lot.”

I wrote about Doug Baldwin's thoughts on the Jonathan Martin-Richie Incognito situation, plus a couple other items in my notebook.


> Commissioner Richard Sherman. Like the sound of that? Here's Sherman on what he would do if he was commissioner of the NFL.

> with a post on Russell Wilson being at his best while under duress.

> 710 ESPN writes about last season's playoff loss to the Falcons sticking with the Seahawks.

> The Everett Herald writes about Golden Tate with the headline, "polarizing playmaker".

> A Seahawks midseason report from ESPN.

> The focus at is on Doug Baldwin, who played flanker and in the slot last Sunday.

> Old friend Steve Kelley pops up at with a column on Malcolm Smith.

> Some notes about the Falcons-Seahawks game from the Falcons' official website.

> Here's Mike Holmgren on 950 KJR yesterday talking Seahawks and Jonathan Martin.> Doctors told Hall of Fame running back Tony Dorsett that he has signs of CTE, chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a degenerative condition many scientists say is caused by head trauma and linked to depression and dementia. More than 50 former players who have posthumously had their their brains studied have shown signs of CTE. The significance here is that researchers will now be able to assess someone with CTE who is still alive. Here's the video of Dorsett explaining what he's going through as he forgets where he's going, lashes out at his wife and daughters and even considered killing himself.

You'll note in the video one of the doctors stresses it's a small sample size and the research is in its early stages.

You'll also note Dorsett has tears in his eyes as he explains that his daughters are afraid of him.> Former Seahawk OL John Moffitt abruptly quit football Wednesday. He's living in Seattle and explained to the Associated Press, he lost the love for the game. He also had concerns about his health. So, he made the change, leaving more than $1 million in salary behind.

> Several Dolphins players supported Richie Incognito on Wednesday when speaking with the media.

> Thomas Boswell from the Washington Post lights up the NFL for what he feels it has become.

> San Francisco WR Michael Crabtree was back at practice Wednesday.