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Sherman on challenge of covering Roddy White: 'What challenge?'

Richard Sherman was stirring the drink today during his time with the media.

(On if Stanford can win tonight…)

(On the Atlanta Falcons’ offense…) “It’s going to be a unique challenge because they’re not playing as well as they did last year, but they’re still there, they’re still the same guys. They still have a Hall of Famer at tight end, they still have a great quarterback, they’re just not clicking as they once were and the record shows that.”

(On the loss to Atlanta in the playoffs last season…) “Well I mean as a defense you want to be able to finish ball games and we didn’t finish that one as effectively as we wanted to, and we plan on finishing every one more effectively these days.”

(On Jonathan Martin…) “He’s a great guy, he’s a fantastic player, fantastic guy,and I wish him the best. It’s a unique situation and I don’t really have the details about it. I don’t have any more than anybody else, but I know that he’s a great guy, and he’s a great teammate when I knew him.”

(On what the feeling was walking off the field last year in the playoffs after losing to Atlanta…) “Frustration, frustration because we won, we won and the score didn’t say that we won. We won and the scoreboard said differently. Just like everyone thought the Buccaneers won last week, but the scoreboard said differently. It’s funny how that works right?”

(On balancing putting that game aside and using it as motivation…) “There definitely is conflict, but you use it as correction, you use it as motivation, but as a corrective. Find things that you did wrong in that game, things that you can do better as a team, as a player, and as an individual and you go correct those things, and that’s what we did.”

(On if their offense looks different this year…) “No, no not at all. I mean they have a different running back, replaced Mike Turner with Steven Jackson obviously, but they look similar. Jacquizz Rodgers is still running the ball, they’re getting Steven when he’s healthy, and they’re doing a very effective job running and throwing the ball, Matt Ryan is still very accurate. I think he’s throwing around 70 percent or something like that, and they’re still getting the ball down the field. They’ve had a couple of huge injuries, obviously Julio Jones is one of the best out there and when you lose a guy like that it’s going to be tough on your offense.”

(On if he is still angry with Roddy White…) “Not really. It’ll be a fun game for us I can guarantee you that.”

(On if there is more motivation this year based on what happened last year going into this game…) “No, no. I mean we’re an 8-1 ball club and they’re a 2-6 ball club.”

(On if there has been a focus on stopping the run this week…) “There has, there has. It’s just being on details, being on the details of what runs they like to do, what movements they like to do, and the details are a big thing with the run game and if you’re off in one detail you can create a gaping hole and they can exploit it all day. I think as a defense in a whole, not one individual group, but as a whole needs to focus on the details.”

(On what do they need to clean up on the defensive side…) “It’s just small things, small little gaps. This gap, that gap, guys over running their gaps sometimes and it’s things that can be easily corrected with a little bit of film and practice. I think guys are more on it this week and our more committed to fixing it.”

(On facing teams that have their backs against the wall…) “They don’t have anything to lose. A team like that has nothing to lose in a season. When you have nothing to lose you go out there and you’re having fun playing. You play the game with no worries, no stress, no pressure, and I think that’s good for them.”

(On a team being able to flip a switch…) “I don’t know if we necessarily flipped a switch. It did look that way though you’re right, but it was just one of those things where we figure we could correct the mistakes. Guys didn’t make the same mistakes in the second half that they did in the first half. Our offense didn’t turn the ball over. The first drive of the game they moved the ball very effectively and had an unfortunate turnover, but they showed that they can move the ball. So it wasn’t necessarily turning the switch, it was just getting past those mistakes that we made.”

(On Earl Thomas’ pass interference call and if the Seahawks’ DBs have a reputation of people looking for those calls…) “I think a lot of those people that are making those calls won’t be in the playoffs, because that’s how the league does it. You don’t make mistakes in big games and get to do them in the playoffs. We’re not worried about it, we’ll keep playing the game the way we play it and let the calls be what they are.”

(On if he looks forward to the challenge of going against Roddy White…) “What challenge?”

(On playing 11 games before the bye week…) “The late bye is something that can be super beneficial because you need to rest sometimes because it’s a long season. If you get the early bye you have no light at the end of the tunnel for your body to rest. So I think it works as the light at the end of the tunnel for a lot of players and gives them the chance to rest. Week 12 is a lot of weeks on your body so I think it’s going to come right on time.”

(On what kind of reactions did he get to his piece this week…) “I got quite a bit of positive reactions. Doug Baldwin was very positive about it. A lot of players were positive, a lot of people were positive because there weren’t a lot of controversial things said in that. It was mostly some things that will benefit the players in this league.”

(On if Roger Goodell called at all to thank for his suggestions…) “No he doesn’t call us very much. He just sends letters asking for money.”

(On what give you the confidence to speak your mind the way you do…) “Because I play at a very, very high level.”