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Wilson on last year's playoff loss to the Falcons: 'That’s a heartbreaker'

Here's what Russell Wilson had to say today:

(On how he physically feels...) “I feel great. It was exciting to get back out on the field and get ready to play again. Another week, another opportunity. The goal is to obviously to go 1 and 0. It’s going to be a big challenge. They’ve got a great football team in Atlanta. Even though there record doesn’t show it, they have great football players obviously. So we’re going to play our A-plus game.”

(On if he would mention to the coaches that he’s hurting...) “Would I say if I was hurting at all? I probably wouldn’t, knowing me. I feel good though. It’s one of those things that every week, my goal is to be one hundred percent, try to heal myself as good as I can go, and then be ready to play. But I really do feel good. I’ll be ready to play.”

(On if there are any differences of the Falcons' defense this year in comparison to last year...) “Yeah in terms of Atlanta, they have a very, very good defense. They got guys that are making a lot of plays. [Desmond] Trufant, he was a guy from University of Washington obviously, he’s done a good job for them, stepping up and playing corner. They bring a good amount of pressure; they make a lot of plays. So I think the biggest thing is just staying on schedule. Can we stay on schedule? Can we execute the plays that we need to execute and make the big time plays when they’re there? Those game altering plays, like I always say. So if we can do that, we’ll give ourselves a chance and hopefully we can extremely explosive and be great on third down and be great in the red zone.”

(On if his ‘never say day’ type attitude originated from the loss against the Falcons' game last year...) “Well I don’t necessarily trace it back to the Falcons game. I think that we’re a team that just always has that attitude, no matter what the circumstances are. Whether if we’re winning by 20 or losing by 20, we have that relentless approach and we just got to stay in the moment. And that’s our offense does, that’s what our defense does, and special teams and Coach Carroll really does a great job of instilling that in us. I believe that we’re a very good football team in that when the game is on the line, when things aren’t going our way, we can turn it around pretty quickly and so we have that. But we have that belief and obviously doing that last year, was an awesome moment, but also a bad one too because we lost a football game. It’s a new year, it’s a new opportunity. I never really look back to be honest with you. I’m just always looking forward to the next opportunity to play the game. Every game is different. Every game will be different, the players are always different, the play calls are a little bit different every week. So it’s just a new opportunity, a new experience.”

(On seeking revenge against the Falcons...) “No there’s no revenge. I think the biggest thing for us is that we’ve got to have the attitude of winning this game because this a new year. It’s one of those things that we want to keep winning and we want to keep playing at a high level, we want to be able to be very, very effective all the time and so it’s another opportunity for us. We know that they have a great quarterback over there, Matt Ryan, they have a great offense, they have some really good players on defense obviously and so we’re going to have to bring our best game. Despite their record, it doesn’t mean anything. They’re a very good football team.”

(On if he sees himself as a risk taker...) “Am I a big risk taker? I don’t know. I just kind of play what I see. I just trust what I see. I don’t really look at it as, ‘Is this a risk? Is this not a risk?’ I just trust what I see. I just try to play. I think that being a quarterback, you have to be a great situational football player, you have to understand the situations, and understand what the circumstances are, and understand the ebbs and flows of the game. So I think the biggest thing is there’s time that you have to take a risk, there’s times where you have to do certain things. What if it’s a third down, a fourth down, or end of a game, you have to take that shot. Or if it’s early in the game, maybe you take a little bit less risk. It’s one of those things that you got to have that equal balance.”

(On if playing against the Rams was an example of when to not take risks...) “Yeah exactly. Obviously playing in the St. Louis game, when their defensive line was making a lot of plays unfortunately. It was one of those games that I really make sure that I really protect the football, really kind of go down if anybody was pretty close. It was one of those things that it was hard to escape and hard to extend the play or anything. It’s one of those things that you got to know the situation like I’m saying it and I think that if we can do that, if we can do that all the time as football team, especially as an offense, it’ll give us a chance to be very successful.”

(On the offense's performance...) “I thought that we did a really good job. To come back 21 points down is a pretty big deal in the National Football League against a very good defense that does a lot of things, in terms of the run game. Tampa Bays’ defense was number six in the run game; they did a great job in the passing game too. Despite the fact that… I think another good thing really was a couple of turnovers and so we can fix that for sure. But I thought the receivers really stepped up. Jermaine Kearse looked great, Doug Baldwin looked awesome, Golden Tate does he thing all the time, Zach Miller comes up big all the time too as well, Luke Willson has done a great job, Kellen Davis. I mean it’s just one of those things that we have so many different guys to step up and that’s what we’re going to need. We want to be a versatile team. We don’t want to be able to just throw it to one guy, we want to be able to spread the ball around, making it challenging on the defense, come up with the explosive plays from everybody, from all different locations. If we can do that, it makes it really challenging on the defense.”

(On the two interceptions last week...) “In terms of last week, the turnovers last week just kind of a bad throw on the first one and then the second one, the guy just made a really good play. We thought we had him and the guy kind of jumped back and just made a one handed catch basically. So I think that would’ve been a touchdown. Just maybe an inch too high, I don’t know. But it’s just one of those things that… the best thing about is we kept battling, we kept staying focused on the moment and just kind of get rid of it. You got to have amnesia. There’s going to be some plays where you’re going to make some really great plays, some really good ones, and then you’re going to make some bad ones every once in a while. But throughout the game, can you overcome those situations whether if they’re good or bad? And, I think that’s what our football team does.”

(On what he does in the locker room to enforce an anti-hazing environment...) “Well in terms of the Miami Dolphins situation, I wasn’t there. So I don’t know really know much to talk about it. But I know with our locker room, we do a great job of everybody just working together for one cause and that’s to win football games, that’s to help each other be the best that we can be, and Coach Carroll does a great job of instilling that in us. So our biggest thing is we’re a family. We want to be able to relate to everybody. I think at the same time, all of us have thick skin; we joke around with each other and stuff. So like I said, I don’t know that situation, I’m not sure how serious it was or what. So I can’t speak on it.”

(On the impact of Michael Robinson...) “I thought Michael Robinson obviously, he’s a veteran that’s done a great job. A Pro Bowl-type player. So to have him back and have him going full force for Marshawn Lynch and Robert Turbin, that’s big for us. We love his veteran ability, what he can do, and his brains. He’s an extremely smart football player, knows where to be at the right time, just understands the game and he brings that tough side to our football too and so we like that. We love having him. I thought that Derrick Coleman did a tremendous job too obviously, when he was playing. So to have those type of football players, it means a lot and so Michael Robinson is a great leader football as well.”

(On Percy Harvin...) “What do I see from Percy [Harvin]? That’s a secret. Percy [Harvin] is an excellent football player. I mean whenever we do get him back, whenever that opportunity comes around, we’ll be excited about it. He’s an explosive football player, can do a lot of great things and you just love having him around. Just you sense his vibe when he’s in the room and he just finds a way to light up the room. So to have that guy on our football team is very, very special. I think the guys that have been playing, Doug Baldwin, Jermaine Kearse in that type of position, have done an unbelievable job. I mean they‘ve lighted it up so far and so you want to keep going and to add Percy to our football team, whether it’s for special teams, whether it’s for the passing game whatever, it just brings another explosive player to our football team and we’ll be excited for that.”

(On Okung and Giacomini...) “Well having Russell [Okung] and Breno [Giacomini] back in the huddle, those guys are basically 6’7, 6’8 guys. To have them in there, they’re just a force. So to have them back potentially pretty soon, is exciting. I think the guys that have stepped up, in terms of Paul McQuistan and Michael Bowie. You think about Michael Bowie, he’s a rookie player, but he’s going against some of the best defenses that he could possibly face. So I think he’s done a tremendous job. Same thing with Paul McQuistan. He’s been playing guard to left tackle. He’s just a guy that battles and so you respect that, you love that about them and they’ve done a great job so far. But to have that much versatility, in terms of once we do get Russell Okung and Breno [Giacomini], that’s going to be big for us down I think down the road. To have that much offensive linemen that have played this season, that have been through the fire. You think about Lem [Lemuel Jean-Pierre] stepping in at center too as well, when Max [Unger] was down. Just to think about how many guys we have in a big time situation, you think about the end of the season, game 15, game 16, possibly play offs, you get excited about that. That’s a good thing.”

(On being focused on this season and the next after the loss against the Falcons last year...) “Yeah and its one of things that last year, obviously, was a crazy game. To come back against a really good football team, the Atlanta Falcons last year in the playoffs and we did the same thing the Redskins game, our first game. To be able to come back in that fashion, with 30 seconds left, and then them to come up with the huge field goal, with basically no time on the clock, that’s a heartbreaker, especially when it ends your season. But at the same time, at that point out where I was on the field, I was obviously very disappointed but going through the tunnel, I just realized how special our football team really is and how many young guys that we have. I think that we were the youngest football team in the National Football League last year, maybe the second youngest and we’re still pretty young now. So to be able to be in those big games like that, it’s going to pay off in the long run I believe for our franchise and we just want to keep playing one game at a time, staying in the moment, continuing to be that family-oriented type team, and just play great football. And no matter what the circumstances are, just continue to bring the energy, continue to bring the excitement, and not only our football team, but our fans and our city and around the National Football League.”

(On the average amount of sleep he receives...) “No time of sleep. Yeah so in terms of that, I usually go to bed around 10 and I usually get up around 5, 5:15. So that s what? 7? 7 hours and 15 minutes? Something like that.”

(On what ‘No time to sleep’ means...) “I have a little time. I’m probably dreaming about football plays. But, yeah I can always say that there’s no time to sleep. What that means is that there’s always something else to do. There’s more time, there’s more things that I need to do in terms of getting better for our football team and for myself personally and just continue to grow.”