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Quinn talks run defense

Here's what DC Dan Quinn had to say:

(On Atlanta’s offense…)

(On what has he seen that’s been wrong with the run defense of the Seahawks…) “Did I study ever, you’re right. In the run game it’s something that if it would have been one thing or one scheme we would have said okay let’s take that out, or even if it was one player. So we went back through all of them and looked at, here’s the times when we’re playing our really best ball and we’re really attacking the line of scrimmage and going and hitting our fits. When we didn’t do that or we got out of a gap and it ended up being a big play, here was a 27-yard run and an 18-yard run, and it just bothered you to no end. So there weren’t a lot of calls where you’d say I wish we wouldn’t had done that one, but we didn’t just hit it just right, and that really took place over the last two weeks. As you imagine it’s been a big area of emphasis for us and something we put a lot of time and effort into for this week.”

(On if it’s not knowing where to go or if it’s guys getting blown off of the spot…) “Certainly not, not knowing where to go. We got hit on a trap twice so it’s like man that was disappointing to see, where a repeated play came back to get us. We lost the edge on a long run; those are ones that are kind of like core principles of our ball. When you lose an edge it’s not anybody getting knocked off of the ball, we just didn’t take care of the edge like we were supposed to. So it’s more things along those lines, and then when you add those up you say well had did that happen? Over 40 carries that’s how it happened. I think it also effected into our third down to be honest with you because we were playing a lot of third down and twos and threes as opposed to longer distance. Not all were third and twos or threes, but in the first half of the game we really struggled on third downs, and then I believe we kind of flipped it more in the second half where they weren’t all the way quite as long.”

(On if issues like that can have a tendency to snow ball where guys lose their fits and someone comes to help and opens up more holes…) “It certainly can. You start to think why are we doing that or why didn’t we get right or why didn’t we get this, or someone will cross it to make, when everybody just needs to focus on doing their job and really count on the guy next to them. That’s something we rally to go back to and certainly we’ll see those results.”

(On how do you fix the problem and is it a matter of getting simpler…) “I think really we went all the way back through and put in our mindset of how we really play. The way we attack the line of scrimmage, the way we get off blocks, the way we finish, those are the things that we want to come back to reconnect to our core stuff about. We didn’t have too much in where we’d say okay let’s throw that out, and some of them hit on a pressure that we wouldn’t like, but that’s ball. Every fit doesn’t always go exactly like you have, but for us over those two weeks it was certainly disappointing and one we spent a lot of time having to address, but in terms of fixing it, we want to reconnect with the attitude, the mindset, the line of scrimmage, everybody doing their job and taking care of your shop. That’s how we approached it.”

(On the instincts of Earl Thomas…) “I think once he committed to go that’s probably when Earl pulled the trigger to go, and I’m certainly glad that he did. When we went back through this week of all the tapes and all of the film, not just from the two weeks but from the whole season, he is one player that shows up again and again in terms of the attitude, the effort, and the style of what he brings. I know you guys feel that too, but when I got a chance to go back there were some real appreciation in terms of the style and the effort that he brings to our defense, and it’s one that we certainly recognize with our group.”

(On how has Atlanta’s offense changed and our they different from what you’ll usually expect from them…) “Yeah I didn’t feel any different scheme change necessarily and certainly now that they have some guys back. We certainly have a lot of respect for Steven Jackson in terms of playing against him in the division for a long time and the style that he plays with, and Jacquizz Ridgers who is also a solid guy in the run game. In that way there’s a lot of respect for those guys, it didn’t feel any different, and then outside with Roddy White coming back and into the scheme it’s not a big change for us in terms of preparation and style that they run.”

(On what does he do if Red Bryant can’t go…) “The guys who’ve played defensive end for us is Michael Bennett had done it and Tony McDaniel so it’s kind of another one of those times where you’re glad that you have some guys with some versatility that unfortunately when injuries and things like that happen you have a guy that’s able to slide and move where it’s not a whole sale change. That’s kind of one of the things that we preach when you have some versatility.”