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More complete Pete

Okay, just finished transcribing Pete.

RE: Unger and Bryant. Those guys will not go, they will not play, we will take care of them this week and have them ready for next week … hopefully.

How fill in for Red? You'll see when we put it out there, we have some rotations we’ve been working and we’ll adjust it, the same guys will be playing for the most part..

About Jeanpierre in place of Max: He’s done really well. Whenever he’s played for us in games he’s come through, we feel like he’s another one of the starters going in there, we expect him to play really well

Jordan Hill: He hurt his other biceps. we expect him to come back to practice next week..

Okung and Giacomini: Today they practiced throughout, that’s a really good sign, it feels like they’re able to handle the work, they have had no issues with it at all. next week they’ll come back at full speed and it will be really exciting to get those guys back in there … they’re dying to play, you can imagine, they had to sit there and watch so long they’re really worked up about it. We’ll go into next week with them practicing on Wednesday and if they can handle it they’ll play.

Percy Harvin's status: Percy is the best he’s been, he had another excellent day …  he’s not ready to play this week. He’ll return to practice hopefully next week and we’ll go one day at a time then, but all of the signs are really encouraging, he’s feeling good and he’s not having any issues after he works out, I think we’ve built of enough days here to take a real positive step, I don’t know what that means in terms of play next week, but we’re hoping he’ll be able to get some extra work and jump back into it.