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Seahawks 33, Falcons 10: Post-game reaction thread

OK, well, that was a bit more like what everyone has been expecting to see from the Seahawks.

On the road? 10 a.m.? Riddled with injuries? Trap game? None of it mattered.

Seattle returned to the scene of last year’s playoff loss and thoroughly dominated a much different Falcons team than the one it faced in January.

Let’s get right to the breakdown:

1. What was the biggest difference today compared to the past few weeks?

2. Who gets the game ball for the win? Who is your goat?

3. What impressed you most today with the game plan and execution?

4. What facet of the game was most concerning?

5. With the team getting healthy and a bye coming after Minnesota, what are your expectations going forward?

As always, feel free to add any more thoughts on the Seahawks below …